Deputy Secretary of State for elections handles boxes containing 134,899 petitions to raise the Nebraska minimum wage, enough to get the wage hike measure on the November ballot.

Business Latest: Red states tackle minimum wage

FOUR RED STATES TACKLE MINIMUM WAGE: Four red states have proposals on midterm ballots to raise the minimum wage beyond the federal, hourly rate of $7.25. Voter-approved wage gains in Alaska, Arkansas, Nebraska and South Dakota could bolster the push for higher living wages. Read more  

MEDICARE’S OPEN ENROLLMENT: YOU BETTER SHOP AROUND: Open enrollment for Medicare and supplemental insurance kicks off on Oct. 15. Most people don’t switch or shop around for a Medicare plan, but they should. Due to Obamacare, the landscape for Medicare Advantage plans is changing. About $150 billion in direct cuts is coming to the federal government’s contribution to these plans. As a result, insurers are changing plans, premiums, co-pays and other plan designs continually. Read more

ALL-AMERICA ECONOMIC SURVEY: Despite an improving economy and the lowest unemployment rate in six years, American views on President Obama’s stewardship of the economy stands at the lowest level of his presidency. Even those who are doing well and who are optimistic on the economy give the president low marks. The only political saving grace is that the economic policies of Republicans in Congress fair far worse.  Meanwhile, views on the economy overall remain worryingly stagnant. Read more



Business Latest: Red states tackle minimum wage