Bottles speed by after being filled in the bottling area of the Coors brewery in Golden, Colo.
Joe Amon/The Denver Post/Getty

Business Latest: No water, no beer


NO WATER, NO BEER: MillerCoors has made water conservation one of its key priorities, from its breweries around the country to the farms that supply it. It’s simple: no water, no beer. A look at what’s being done in Colorado. Read more

THE AMERICAN DREAM IN 25 YEARS: Will it still include owning a home? In 2039, people will still aspire to own a home, but the issue will be how they come to buy one. Read more

MEGACITES’ EXPLOSIVE GROWTH POSES EPIC CHALLENGES: Today, some three dozen cities around the world make the megacities list for having populations of at least 10 million, including Tokyo, Chongqing, Shanghai, Beijing, São Paulo, New York, Mexico City, Mumbai, Osaka, Delhi and Dhaka, according to data compiled by Oxford Economics. By 2030 more than a dozen more will be added to the list.  Some of these new entrants to the club of these megacities will be vibrant economic and cultural centers that raise standards of living and quality of life. Others will struggle with congestion, pollution and poverty, much as developed cities did in their infancy. A major challenge these cities will pose for society will be the strain on resources. Globally, cities today represent 2 percent of the Earth’s surface but use 75 percent of its resources. As the urbanization trend accelerates, so too will issues of sustainability and infrastructure to support city dwellers.  Read more