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Business Latest: NATO on cyberattacks


NATO: (CYBER)ATTACK AGAINST ONE IS (CYBER)ATTACK AGAINST ALL: For probably the first time in history, an international military alliance has been declared in cyberspace. NATO said last week that member states will apply the alliance’s mutual-defense obligation to large-scale attacks in cyberspace, not just in the physical world. But how will NATO determine whether an attack is government-sponsored? And in an era where European nations and the United States are disproportionately the targets of cyber-attacks, how will NATO react if it determines that China or Russia has struck the United States or, for that matter, Estonia—a Baltic state that Russia attacked in cyberspace in 2007? Read more 

RARE DISEASE RACE:  When Ilan Ganot’s 2-year-old son was diagnosed with DMD two years ago, he quit his job working with hedge funds at JPMorgan, moved his family to Boston from London, raised $17 million, and founded a biotech company. His goal: bring therapies to market for DMD - and fast. We tell his story and meet the family in a package, leading into a live interview with him on new partnerships he’s forged - including with Pfizer. Watch 

OBAMACARE POLITICS: Kaiser Family Foundation issues its monthly tracking poll of views on the Affordable Care Act. It could shed light on whether Obamacare is going to affect how people vote in the mid-terms, or if it won’t (which would likely be good news for Democrats looking to retain the Senate). Read more 



Business Latest: NATO on cyberattacks