Mitt Romney waves to the crowd before conceding the presidency on November 7, 2012 in Boston, Massachusetts.
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Business Latest: Mitt Romney’s gadfly


THE GADFLY THAT MITT ROMNEY CAN’T SHAKE: Randy Johnson, the former Ampad steelworker and union rep who has more notably spent the last 20 years as a thorn in Mitt Romney’s side, has been hard at work since the 2012 election on a book about Romney and Bain Capital, which is going through the final editing process right now. It might seem like the wanton scribblings of a Romney addict, were it not for recent rumblings of a Romney presidential run. Johnson’s certainly not sick of the subject. Read more

FOOD PRICES RISE, BUT FOOD IS STILL CHEAP IN AMERICA: Americans may end up paying more for food this year – but chances are it won’t stretch our pocketbooks as much as in most other countries. Americans spend a smaller share of their total budget on food they eat at home than most other countries, according to the USDA. That’s because more food is produced here, and we have stiffer competition for your food dollars.  Read more 

FAKE MARLBOROS, VIAGRA FROM NORTH KOREA: As South Korea remains gripped by a ferry disaster, new data on North Korea’s economy reveals how free-enterprise activities including the production and distribution of counterfeit goods is growing. US and other allies are considering new sanctions as North Korea threatens nuclear-weapons testing. But the north’s market economy suggests sanctions are having an unintended reverse effect. Read more 



Mitt Romney

Business Latest: Mitt Romney's gadfly