Steam rises from the cooling towers of the Jaenschwalde coal-fired power plant on Aug. 23, 2014 near Gross Gastrose, Germany.
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Business Latest: Industry risk from climate change


INDUSTRIES FACING BIG RISKS FROM CLIMATE CHANGE: Rising temperatures and sea levels, and increased incidence of extreme weather events pose a threat to the global economy. Even if efforts to limit global warming to two-degrees Celsius are successful and moderate the hit to global GDP, certain industries are expected to be hit hard in an era of rising temperatures. Read more 

U.S. BETTER THAN THE REST: Here’s where a $40 billion trade deficit comes in handy. Because the U.S. has such a sharp imbalance between what it imports and exports, expected global weakness ahead likely won’t have a severe effect on domestic economic growth, according to a report this week from Goldman Sachs economists. In fact, Goldman held firm to its forecast that the U.S. will significantly outperform much of the developed and emerging world. Read more 

CHINA TO EASE 1-CHILD RULE FURTHER, BUT DO PEOPLE CARE?: China is moving towards making its two-child policy available to all, but whether or not couples will jump on the opportunity to expand their families remains unclear. Read more 



Business Latest: Industry risk from climate change