A bulldozer operates atop a coal mound at the CCI Energy Slones Branch Terminal June 3, 2014 in Shelbiana, Kentucky.
Photo by Luke Sharrett/Getty

Business Latest: Businesses bet on climate change


BUSINESSES BET ON CLIMATE CHANGE: As the Obama administration details a new plan to fight climate change, many businesses from start-ups to multinationals are already innovating to ensure companies can grow and profit amid sustainability challenges. Read more

MORE DADS STAY AT HOME, BUT NOT NECESSARILY BY CHOICE: The number of dads staying at home with their kids has nearly doubled over the past quarter century, but still accounts for only about 7% of all dads with kids under age 18. Nevertheless, only one in five stay-at-home dads say they are doing it primarily to care for home and family. Read more

YOU CAN’T LEGISLATE AWAY A DROUGHT: Several states stricken by drought are trying to or have passed laws and regulations both to store more water and to allow more diversion of water to areas that need it. But the efforts are under attack by environmental groups and farmers who say the plans might do more harm than good – leaving drought-planning a difficult, if not impossible, task. Read more



Business Latest: Businesses bet on climate change