Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a town hall event in Rochester, N.H., Sept. 17, 2015.
Photo by Mark Peterson/Redux for MSNBC

A brief #AskTrump results in big promises, little substance


Donald Trump wants to make borrowing for college affordable.

“Student debt is a tremendous problem in the United States. We’re going to restructure it, we’re going to make it possible for people to borrow money, go through college, get through it, we’re gonna make it so it’s very affordable,” Trump said on Monday, offering up for the first time an indication that he’d propose a plan to make higher education more affordable. “We’re gonna make it really good for the student.”

The Republican presidential candidate made this statement during a a brief, 15-minute Twitter chat dubbed #AskTrump, going face-to-face with the social media service he routinely uses by posting a series of quick videos filmed at the site’s New York headquarters. Viewers submitted their own #AskTrump questions (many of them mocking) and Trump responded, as you might expect, with big, bold promises.

The GOP front-runner said he will “totally protect Israel,” “take care” of homelessness, and “solve the problems that we have with health care.”

Trump said he’d create a “strong, strong nation and one that really people are going to be in love with again” and reminded Twitter users he’s “very pro Second Amendment, so important, and I believe in it 100%.”

The real estate mogul and former reality TV show star also offered a few sports tidbits, too.

“Well the fact that Tony Romo got hurt is a terrible thing for the Dallas Cowboys, I think Tony’s a great guy, I know him, and he’s also a great football player, and it certainly will hurt Dallas but their defense is excellent,” he said, before touting his recent Tom Brady endorsement.

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He also weighed in on another NFL team, the Baltimore Ravens.

“I think Joe Flacco is actually a very elite quarterback. He won a Super Bowl, he did it really to a certain extent with that great arm of his, I would say absolutely he is an elite quarterback,” Trump told the fans.