Former President of the United States Bill Clinton speaks on Jan. 10, 2015 in Los Angeles, Calif.
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Bill Clinton eyes new nickname if Hillary becomes president

“Bubba” is so 1996.

Former President Bill Clinton hinted a new title might be in order if his wife lands a seat in the Oval Office during an appearance on “The Rachael Ray Show” airing Thursday.

“If a woman became president … I could be called Adam” Clinton said, in a nod to the first man in Bible, according to The Hill.

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Going one step further, the Democrat said Americans should also consider adjusting naming conventions if and when a gay couple moves into the White House. “You know, if the president is a man, you call the president’s spouse ‘the first lady,’ so we’ll have to cross this bridge if a gay couple [is ever in the White House].”

“We’re joking about this, but it’s a serious decision. Serious decision for Hillary, serious decision for the country and the world,” Clinton added.

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At least publicly, Hillary Clinton has said she hasn’t made up her mind yet about another run. She’s expected to announce her 2016 presidential ambitions in the late spring. 

The former Secretary of State and first lady appears to have signed off on a new nickname for BIll Clinton. During an appearance in June, “speaking hypothetically,” Hillary reportedly told a crowd in Toronto a man in this role could be called “first man” or “first mate.”

Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton

Bill Clinton eyes new nickname if Hillary becomes president