Vice President Joe Biden laughs during a celebration of the 5th anniversary of Joining Forces and the 75th anniversary of the USO at Andrews Air Force Base in Md., May 5, 2016.
Photo by Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty

Biden: ‘There’s no fundamental split in the Democratic Party’

Vice President Joe Biden says he is not concerned about tensions between Bernie Sanders supporters and Hillary Clinton, saying “there’s no fundamental split in the Democratic Party.”

Biden told reporters after a stop in Ohio Wednesday that he believes Sanders will ultimately back Clinton in the same way that Clinton herself called for party unity after losing the hard-fought Democratic primary in 2008.

“I’m confident that Bernie will be supportive if Hillary wins, which the numbers indicate will happen. So I’m not worried,” he said. “There’s no fundamental split in the Democratic Party.”

The vice president also dismissed concerns that Sanders’ attitude has contributed to the disruptive behavior of his supporters, although he urged the Vermont senator to do more to address outbursts like the one from Sanders backers this past weekend at the Nevada Democratic convention.

“Bernie Sanders is a good guy. Let Bernie run the race. There’s nothing wrong with that,” he said.

Asked specifically about the Nevada controversy, Biden said “”That’s not Bernie, and what Bernie’s going to have to do if that happens again – he’s going to have to be more aggressive in speaking out about it.”

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