Bernie Sanders listens to the national anthem at the CNN Debate between Hillary Clinton and himself at the Navy Yard in Brooklyn, N.Y., April 14, 2016.
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Bernie Sanders releases 2014 tax return

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders released his 2014 tax returns Friday, showing that he and his wife had a total household income of $205,617.

Sanders released the tax return a day after being challenged to do so by Hillary Clinton at Thursday’s Democratic debate in Brooklyn, which came after Clinton was questioned about releasing transcripts of her paid speeches.

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Sanders' tax returns and a contentious debate

Now that Senator Sanders kept his debate promise to release his 2014 tax returns, will Hillary Clinton release the transcripts for the paid speeches she gave to Wall Street firms?
The tax returns show the Sanders household paid $9,666 in state income tax and $31,825 in federal income tax, and received a federal refund of $4,172.

The documents also show charitable contributions of $8,350. The household income includes a little more than $46,000 in Social Security benefits and business income of $4,900.

At the debate, Sanders said he would release the 2014 returns on Friday, which is traditionally tax day (Taxes are due on Monday, April 18 this year).

Sanders had already released on year of tax returns. He faced questions over releasing more years as he questioned Hillary Clinton’s paid speeches and called for her to release transcripts.

On Sunday, Sanders told NBC’s “Meet the Press” moderator Chuck Todd that more years would be released, and added: “Trust me, there is nothing that is going to surprise anybody.”

Clinton said Thursday that she would release transcripts of her paid speeches if all the other candidates do the same. 

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Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton

Bernie Sanders releases 2014 tax return