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Ben Carson rolls out first ads of the 2016 campaign


Dr. Ben Carson will air his first two campaign ads, beginning tomorrow in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Nevada, NBC News has learned exclusively.

The ads are running unusually early, but come just as his poll numbers reach new highs, rivaling Trump nationally and besting him in a Quinnipiac poll of the all important Iowa caucuses released this week. The campaign told NBC News early ads were always part of their strategy, but are trying to capitalize on the candidate’s momentum by launching them now. 

The first ad features crowd shots of Carson at rallies, interspersed with footage of the Republican candidate and his wife Candy, with inspirational music playing in the background.

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“People are so concerned about the future. The future for their children. The future for our nation. This country was designed around we the people – of, for and by the people. We need a government that actually understands that, and doesn’t think that it is the ruler of the people,” Carson says in the first ad.

“Learning from crowds that they are hungry for some honesty and for some real solutions to the problems that ail us,” he continues. 

The second ad features Carson speaking directly to the camera, railing against Washington’s “broken” politics and casting himself as the outsider ready to take it on.

“Did you know Washington is built on a swamp? Massive government debt. Stifling regulation. Special interest politics. Partisan dysfunction. Now it all makes sense. Washington is broken. The political class broke it,” he says in the ad. “Together, we can drain the swamp and protect our children’s future. I’m Ben Carson, and I approve this message.”