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‘Bad Lip Reading’: Hilarious new video parodies GOP debate


Two weeks after that fiery night in Cleveland, the first 2016 Republican debate is still making headlines. This time, a new spoof video is stealing the spotlight.

The YouTube channel “Bad Lip Reading,” famous for producing videos that substitute original sound with hilarious dubbing, released their version of the FOX News debate. The five-minute clip, which has already amassed over 150,000 views since Wednesday afternoon, offers a comical look at the event.

Some highlights include the candidates’ closing statements re-mixed as songs, neurosurgeon Ben Carson assembling a puzzle throughout the debate, and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s showdown with Sen. Rand Paul over potatoes and babies. 

Last week, a different parody made the rounds when Funny or Die released a humorous video in which candidate lookalike kids re-enacted the debate.