‘Back to the Future’ cast reunites, remembers ‘monumental’ time together


We may not exactly have hoverboards or flying cars and the Chicago Cubs are not likely to win the World Series this year. But there’s one thing we can say about “Back to the Future’s” predictive properties, and it has to do with star Michael J. Fox’s hairline.

“I like to joke that one prediction that ‘Back to the Future 2’ got right was that Marty McFly would have a receding hairline,” said the actor, wiping his hair off his forehead during a visit with co-stars Christopher Lloyd and Lea Thompson on TODAY Wednesday. “It’s come true!”

But while “Future” may not have been entirely spot-on about what 2015 would look like when it was making the guess all those years ago, the fact is that the whole “Future” trilogy is going strong as ever — particularly on Oct. 21, 2015, which was the day the sequel indicated the film’s key trio jumped ahead into the future.

Amid much celebration on the big date (and Lloyd’s arrival on the set in a DeLorean reminiscent of the time-traveling car from the films), the group talked over how the first film changed their lives and was revolutionary for its time.

“It was a great script,” said Thompson. “The idea that I got to play a character that was madly in love — madly in heat for her own son … I just thought it was a crazy story and it was a perfect script.”

“We had chemistry from the instant we walked on the set,” said Lloyd.

They still say they get approached by fans calling out lines from the three films, though mainly from the 1985 original: “You’re my density” and “Where we’re going, we don’t need roads” and “McFly, you Irish bug!”

But they don’t mind at all. The experience, says Lloyd, was “monumental. … Here we are 30 years later and doesn’t seem to have lost any momentum.”

7/8/15, 4:31 PM ET

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'Back to the Future' cast reunites, remembers 'monumental' time together