Carol McMullen-Pettit, a Premier Tutor at The Princeton Review, goes over SAT test preparation with 11th grader, Suzane Nazir, in Pembroke Pines, Fla., Mar. 6, 2014.
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He taught America to beat the SAT and he’ll take your questions


John Katzman founded the Princeton Review in 1981 after graduating from college. As he developed the tutoring program, he came to a troubling conclusion: The test had little to do with students’ high school curriculum and even less with how to perform well in college. 

Instead of a for-profit, high-stakes entrance exam, Katzman – now the founder and CEO of Noodle – advocates for a new organization that coordinates testing that steers students to the right colleges and increases graduation rates.

You can read more about his vision for a new system in his recent msnbc op-ed. Katzman will be taking reader questions about the state of testing and his role in shaping the SATs. 

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He taught America to beat the SAT and he'll take your questions