April Fools’? Bill Clinton implants himself into Hillary meme


This looks familiar.

Former President Bill Clinton shared his own take on the famous “Texts From Hillary” meme, writing “I’m following my leader!”

In a phenomenal Photoshop job, Bill Clinton, dressed in a suit, black-tinted sunglasses, and reading what appears to be an oversized iPad, mimics the wildy-circulated meme of his wife – and her Twitter profile. His bio has also been changed to, “Husband, dad, FPOTUS, Bono impersonator, 3-piece-suit aficionado, Hoya + Razorback fan, meme appropriator.”

In 2012, a Tumblr called Texts from Hillary broke the Internet when a meme was posted of the then-U.S. secretary of state texting while waiting to board a military flight, paired with a photo of Obama texting, and with the fictitious conversation: “Hey Hil, Whatchu doing?” // “Running the world.”

The meme was recreated with several other notable figures over the course of the year, gaining thousands of followers along the way. When Hillary Clinton joined Twitter, she not only made the iconic photo her profile picture, but she gave a shout-out to the founders of the meme in her first tweet with the hashtag #tweetsfromhillary. 

Hillary Clinton appropriately took to Twitter to respond to her husband’s new take on the meme, manually RTing ”Well, that explains what happened to my iPad!”

Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton

April Fools'? Bill Clinton implants himself into Hillary meme