Andrea Mitchell presses for Obama’s ‘evolved’ view on gay marriage


Andrea Mitchell pressed Stephanie Cutter, deputy campaign manager for President Obama’s reelection campaign, today for the president’s stance on the future of gay marriage in this country.

“Why is the president taking so long to ‘evolve’ on this,” the host of “Andrea Mitchell Reports” asked Cutter.

Mitchell’s questioning follows remarks made by Vice President Joe Biden on “Meet the Press” this weekend that he is “absolutely comfortable” with gay marriage. The comment seemed to put him at odds with the president who has said he does not support gay marriage, but that his views are “evolving.”

Cutter asserted that in fact the president and vice president were on the same page. “The vice president has made similar remarks before, many times, and he’s really expressing exactly where the president is. For committed, loving couples, whether they’re gay, lesbian, or straight couples, deserve the same rights and protections as anybody else.”


She cited the president’s record on things like rolling back Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell and his speaking out against a potential North Carolina constitutional amendment that would further limit same-sex rights in the state, as indicators of where Obama’s current thinking resides. “Those are significant steps forward… We have a record that we’re proud of,” Cutter added.

Mitchell, though, pressed her further, noting that Biden specifically answered as to whether he would support gay marriage, not just equal protections for those in civil unions.

“Andrea, I’m not going to make news on the president’s beliefs on gay marriage today, but the VP was detailing and describing the very policies that he and the president have implemented together,” Cutter responded.

So the question everyone – on both sides of the aisle - is asking now is just that: When will Obama’s evolved position on gay marriage be revealed? This week? Before the convention? Before November?  

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Andrea Mitchell presses for Obama's 'evolved' view on gay marriage