An Amtrak train derails in North Carolina after colliding with a truck.
Photo by Lance Martin via RRSpin

Amtrak train collides with rig in North Carolina

An Amtrak train collided with a tractor-trailer and derailed on Monday in Halifax, North Carolina, witnesses said. A sheriff’s deputy estimated that a dozen people were hurt, none seriously.

A witness, Lance Martin, the editor of a local newspaper, told NBC News that the engine and second car of the train derailed and that the third car partially derailed. Photos from the scene showed one car lying on its side.

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Deputy Bruce Temple of the Halifax County Sheriff’s Department, who was on the scene, told NBC News that no one was killed.

Another witness, Jamie Carter, said that the rig, which was carrying a heavy piece of equipment, had trouble as it turned off a highway and could not move out of the way of the train in time.

“When the impact occurred, the piece of machinery went well above the tree line and the entire of the train was airborne and landed on its side,” he said.

He said that he helped pull the conductor from the train. Most of the injuries appeared to be minor, he said.

The National Transportation Safety Board said on Twitter that it was aware of the accident and gathering information. Amtrak said that it was also aware and that “there are reports of injuries.”

Halifax is in eastern North Carolina, near the Virginia line.

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Amtrak train collides with rig in North Carolina