Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton smiles before speaking at the World Bank May 14, 2014 in Washington, D.C.
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Hillary Clinton PAC launches nationwide bus tour


Wherever Hillary Clinton goes, a giant bus will be in her rearview mirror.

In anticipation of the former secretary of state’s memoir release, a political action committee, trying to shore up buzz for a Clinton 2016 presidential run, is launching a country-wide bus tour, which it sees as an opportunity to build on an existing 2 million-plus supporter list in the event that she does decide to run for the Oval Office.

The 37-foot, 5-inch long vehicle, which is aptly being dubbed “The Hillary Bus,” will follow Clinton starting Monday in New York City as she begins a cross-country tour to promote her memoir “Hard Choices.” Stops announced so far include Chicago, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Austin, San Francisco and Arlington, Va.

Seth Bringman, the communications director for the super PAC, Ready for Hillary, told msnbc volunteers will be dispatched with clipboards and stickers to sign up new supporters.  The organization also sees the bus as a “mobile advertisement” as it traverses the country and the vehicle will also make additional summer stops at colleges, state fairs and key midterm states.

Clinton has previously said that she’ll make a decision on running for the nation’s highest office by the end of the year. But even as she has yet to officially weigh in, a slugfest is already in the works between opposition groups.  

Drew Xeron
On the other side of Ready for Hillary is the conservative America Rising PAC, which also sees opportunity in the memoir’s release. Earlier this week, the group announced it was releasing its own, “anti-Hillary” e-book called “Failed Choices” sometime next week.  It seeks to reveal “the truth about her record at the State Department, not the spin that will be in her new book.” As excerpts from the memoir slowly trickle out, America Rising is sending out emails countering Clinton’s claims – particularly in regards to the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi.  Republicans have repeatedly accused Clinton of a cover-up.

Tim Miller, the executive director of America Rising, told msnbc that his PAC would advertise the e-book in cities where Clinton was stopping for her book tour. In addition, they’ll send trackers to the events to gather information and video on what the former first lady or other speakers say. “We want to make sure we hold them accountable,” said Miller.

Meanwhile, another pro-Clinton group “Correct the Record” launched by democratic super PAC American Bridge is ready to pounce on any Clinton criticism surrounding the book.  After news surfaced about “Failed Choices,” the organization released its own talking points, arguing America Rising is “shamefully” trying to mislead Americans about Benghazi and Clinton’s years in office.