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Sanctuary Cities in USA

Sanctuary Cities: What Trump Doesn’t Tell You

10/26/16 12:30PM

The “law-and-order candidate” vilifies sanctuary city laws as everything wrong with the immigration system. But Trump leaves out a crucial detail in his pitch. read more

Hell and High Water: How climate change creates new refugees (Photo by Michael Christopher Brown/Magnum Photos for MSNBC)

How climate change creates new refugees

08/23/16 05:15PM

For years, the Marshall Islands were used as a nuclear test site. Now, its residents face another man-made existential threat — rising tides. read more

Olympic Team Refugee running from exile

08/07/16 10:00PM

After more than a decade living in a Kenyan refugee camp, five South Sudanese runners hope to make their mark on the Olympic Game. read more

A group of refugees awaiting asylum in Denmark arrive at the Sandholm Center in Birkerod, Denmark the largest refugee reception center in the country. (Photo by Moises Saman/Magnum)

Fleeing to Europe — the migrant crisis

03/02/16 05:45PM

More than a million migrants pressed into Europe in 2015, and more than 3,500 died trying to get there. Magnum photographer Moises Saman follows their path. read more

The saw-toothed and typically snow-covered peaks of the Sierra Nevada hold about a third of California’s water supply. (Photo by John Francis Peters for MSNBC)

Our old familiar globe is gone

12/10/15 06:08PM

Heat-fueled storms, melting ice, and a rising ocean—humanity is on the burning edge of life or death. Climate change is to blame. read more