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Born in the U$A: Two Men and a Truck

Born in the U$A: Two Men and a Truck

04/29/16 11:52AM

As a part of MSNBC’s Born in the U$A series, MSNBC’s Erica Hill speaks to the founders of “Two Men and a Truck,” Brig Sorber and Mary Ellen Sheets. They discuss how they were able to turn a simple moving company into one of the fastest growing franchises in the country that has spread to over 300 locations worldwide. watch

Video of top NFL prospect smoking

Video of top NFL prospect smoking

04/29/16 11:40AM

A few weeks ago, Laremy Tunsil, was poised to possibly become the number one draft pick in Thursday night’s draft, in part, because of pictures and video that surfaced on social media, showing the athlete smoking a bong. NBC's Blake McCoy reports. watch

Civil rights commission investigates Flint...

Civil rights commission investigates Flint crisis

04/28/16 02:45PM

The Michigan civil rights commission is holding the first in a series of public hearings in Flint to see if racial bias factored into the decision-making process that lead to the water contamination that has affected 100,000 residents. Rep. Dan Kildee, D-Mich., joins Erica Hill to discuss. watch


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