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Parents of Aurora shooting victim comfort Santa Fe community

Phillips family share Aurora shooting wisdom with Santa Fe

05/19/18 05:46PM

Sandy and Lonnie Phillips have been on the road advocating for stricter gun control after their daughter, Jessica, was murdered in an Aurora movie theater. They went to Santa Fe to help mitigate the pain of the community. The Phillips joined MSNBC Correspondent Chris Jansing to discuss their mission and reforms they want to see enacted. watch

Parents, unsung heroes in school shootings leading children to safety

Parents, unsung heroes in Texas school shooting

05/18/18 09:17PM

Tammy Leitner sheds light on the unsung heroes during school shootings, the parents. What do you say when your child calls or texts asking what to do during a school shooting? A mother explains how she led her daughter to safety over the phone. watch

Student believes the suspect in Texas school shooting 'just snapped'

10 killed in Santa Fe, Texas, high school shooting

05/18/18 09:03PM

A 17-year-old student dressed in a trenchcoat armed with a shotgun and a revolver killed 10 people at a Texas high school on Friday. Tammy Leitner discusses the similarities between school shootings in Texas, Parkland Florida, and at Columbine. watch

Kumar: Trump's immigration plan is 'hurting people at scale’

Activist: President Trump’s immigration policy is lacking

05/12/18 09:40PM

Marisa Teresa Kumar, president of Voto Latino, says President Trump’s approach to immigrants is harmful because of his penchant for creating more undocumented immigrants. Victoria Di Francesco, professor at the LBJ School of Public Affairs at the University of Texas, implores members of the Trump Administration to hear from asylum seekers in... watch

Does President Trump encourage racial microaggressions and bias?

President Trump’s rhetoric may lead to more instances of racism

05/12/18 08:53PM

Numerous instances of racial profiling in Waffle Houses and universities have drawn national attention. President Trump has made microaggressions against people of color worse, according to Gloria Browne-Marshall. She is a criminal justice associate professor of Constitutional Law at John Jay College. watch

McQuade: Were payments to Michael Cohen ‘crime' or 'slime’?

Are payments from AT&T and Novartis to Michael Cohen illegal?

05/12/18 07:01PM

Former U.S. Attorney Barbara McQuade said the criminality of Michael Cohen’s advising to President Donald Trump depends on if payments from AT&T to Cohen changed the actions of the president. McQuade talks with MSNBC Anchor Richard Lui about what would need to be proven to cross the threshold into illegality. watch


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