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Short on answers: What's next for migrant children?

Migrant children await answers and their parents in Tornillo

06/23/18 06:53PM

NBC’s Cal Perry talks to Sen. Tom Udall (D-NM) about his visit to a tent city for separated migrant children in Tornillo, Texas. Most of those children remain in limbo, waiting to learn when they will be reunited with their parents. Sen. Udall says he did not get all the answers he was seeking. watch

Protestors attempt to block bus that is carrying migrant detainees

Protestors attempt to block bus that is carrying migrant...

06/23/18 02:50PM

Protestors in Mcallen, Texas attempt to block a bus that is carrying migrant children and family detainees. MSNBC’s Gabe Gutierrez speaks with a protestor who says, “I am here because the kids need to be freed.” Hundreds of children still wait in limbo to be reunited with their families, after crossing the border and being detained. watch

Megachurch Pastor: 'It’s embarrassing' that Sessions quoted the Bible to defend immigration policy

Megachurch Pastor: 'It’s embarrassing' that Attorney General...

06/17/18 06:31PM

MSNBC’s Yasmin Vossoughian interviews Pastor Carl Lentz, lead pastor of Hillsong NYC Church. Pastor Lentz called Sessions use of Romans 13 a “misapplication of scripture”. Lentz says the Trump administration’s policy separating migrant children from their families is “literally ripping families apart”. watch

Migrant child: I slept on the floor of detention center after separation from parents

The psychological impact of Trump’s policy separating children...

06/16/18 06:10PM

MSNBC’s Mariano Atencio interviews a migrant father and son, who were forcibly separated for several days. The child says he slept on the floor with 20 other children in his room. Also, MSNBC’s Aaron Gilchrist talks to NBC News medical contributor Dr. Natalie Azar about the potential long-term psychological damage to children after their forced... watch

Migrant father: 'Just destroyed' by separation from children caused by Trump policy

Migrant father: 'Just destroyed' by separation from children...

06/16/18 06:07PM

MSNBC’s Mariano Atencio reports from the Catholic Charities Christian shelter center in McAllen, Texas, the next stop for many migrants after they’ve been released from detention centers. A migrant father describes his anguish at being forced apart from his child for five days. Also, MSNBC’s Aaron Gilchrist talks to Raul Reyes, Noelle Nikpour... watch

North Korean defector:  ‘They don’t know they are slaves’

Yeonmi Park describes North Korea under Kim Jong Il

06/09/18 08:33PM

Yeonmi Park endured sexual violence, hunger and brutal cold in her efforts to escape Kim Jong-Il’s oppressive regime. Park explained to MSNBC Anchor Richard Lui what it was like to live in North Korea and her hopes for the Singapore summit. watch


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