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E.g., 4/26/2019
Joyce Vance on Barr’s press conference: Felt like we heard Trump’s defense lawyer

Joyce Vance on Barr’s press conference: Felt like we heard...

04/18/19 10:30AM

On Attorney General Barr’s press conference, MSNBC Contributor Joyce Vance says that “it felt a lot like we heard President Trump’s defense lawyer explaining the case to us.” Vance went on to say she wrote in her notes that “Barr continues to shill for the President.” watch

Barr says 10 'episodes' of Trump potential obstruction probed, AG disagreed on Mueller legal theory

Barr says 10 'episodes' of Trump potential obstruction probed,...

04/18/19 10:08AM

Attorney General William Barr gave an overview of special counsel Robert Mueller's report Thursday ahead of its public release and addressed recent interactions between the Justice Department and the White House regarding the report. Barr repeatedly insisted that the report, with regard to possible collusion between the Trump campaign and... watch

Crowd outside Notre Dame 'petrified' watching flames

Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris on fire, crowd 'petrified'

04/15/19 04:34PM

Geraldine Amiel, Bloomberg Paris bureau chief, describes the sad scene in Paris as the Notre Dame Cathedral continues to burn. 400 firefighters are working to douse the flames, as a petrified crowd stands by. The French government reported they ‘may not’ be able to save the historic church. watch

Venezuelan comic: My shows are an act of rebellion, and the government will make me pay

Larry Charles and Gabo Ruiz on comedy being dangerous around...

04/14/19 06:36PM

MSNBC’s Richard Lui discusses “dangerous comedy” with two comedians. Comedians around the world, Lui explains, often risk punishment from their governments. Venezuelan comedian Gabo Ruiz sees his comedy shows as an act of rebellion, he says, and believes that it’s not a matter of if the government will make him pay for his jokes, but when. watch

Legal analyst about the Mueller probe: There’s a different standard of proof for a criminal prosecution than for impeachment

Katie Phang talks Mueller's Russia probe and impeachment

04/14/19 06:29PM

MSNBC’s Richard Lui discusses the impending release of the redacted Mueller report with a panel. Legal analyst Katie Phang elaborates on the different standards of proof required for criminal prosecutions versus impeachment: In a criminal prosecution, there must be proof beyond a reasonable doubt, she says, while impeachment requires each... watch

Booker: Trump's reported offer to pardon DHS official should 'shake every American'

Booker: Trump's reported offer to pardon DHS official should ...

04/12/19 08:11PM

In an exclusive interview with Joy Reid, 2020 Democratic candidate Senator Cory Booker responds to President Trump's reported offer of a pardon to acting Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan if he closed the border and faced legal challenges. Booker says the report should "shake every American" that the president would... watch


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