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Dow rises over 1,000 points after worst Christmas Eve on record

Dow rises over 1,000 points after worst Christmas Eve on record

12/26/18 04:09PM

In the first day of trading since Monday's record decline, the Dow Jones Industrial Average on Wednesday soared by over 1,000 points, erasing its historic Christmas Eve losses. The broader S&P 500 gained 4.2 percent and the tech-heavy Nasdaq picked up by more than 5 percent. watch

Rep. Anthony Brown: ‘My plea to the President - open up government’

Rep. Anthony Brown pleads to President Trump to end the shutdown

12/24/18 12:19PM

NBC News' Ayman Mohyeldin talks to Rep. Anthony Brown, D-Md., regarding the government shutdown and its potential impact. "It’s my hope and my plea to the President – open up government, put federal government workers back on the job, pay federal contractors and don’t do the harm to the economy that would ensue if you don’t,” said Brown. watch

Rep. Doggett: ‘President Chaos’ is cause of government shutdown

Doggett says Trump's demand for wall derails shutdown talks

12/23/18 05:57PM

MSNBC’s Richard Lui speaks to Democratic Rep. Lloyd Doggett of Texas about the partial government shutdown. Doggett is a member of the House Ways and Means Committee. Doggett says it was totally unnecessary to shut down the government over President Trump’s demand for a border wall. watch

Welker: Christmas shutdown could be politically difficult for GOP

Government shutdown during Christmas could hurt Republicans

12/22/18 08:51PM

MSNBC’s Richard Lui discusses Day One of the partial government shutdown with NBC News correspondents Kristen Welker and Mike Viqueira, Wall Street Journal Reporter Vivian Salama, Time Magazine Contributor Jay Newton-Small and Washington Post Political Reporter Eugene Scott. watch

Rep. Ted Lieu: Border wall ‘wasteful and inefficient’

Dem. Rep. Lieu says Pres. Trump's border wall is a waste

12/22/18 08:44PM

MSNBC’s Richard Lui talks to Democratic Rep. Ted Lieu of California about the partial government shutdown. Lieu says taxpayers should not be on the hook for President Trump’s “19th century wall.” Lieu says there are better ways of ensuring border security. Richard also talks to former assistant to President Obama, Chris Lu, and Republican... watch

Govt. employees union official: Shutdown devastating to workers

Government shutdown wreaks havoc in lives of federal workers

12/22/18 08:41PM

MSNBC’s Richard Lui talks to Jacque Simon, public policy director at the American Federation of Government Employees about Day One of the partial government shutdown, caused by the impasse over spending for President Trump’s proposed border wall. Simon said many workers are living “pay check-to-pay check” with hefty bills on the horizon. watch

Transparent creator Jill Soloway on why The Kardashians are feminist heroes

Transparent creator Jill Soloway on why The Kardashians are...

12/18/18 04:29PM

Transparent Creator Jill Soloway talks about gender and queer identity, why the Kardashians are feminist icons, how men are still pitting women against each other in the #MeToo era -- and why they give out french fries at the Emmys. This exclusive discussion is from the third installment of Mavericks with Ari Melber, a new series of interviews... watch

Sources: Mulvaney wanted option of 'safe exit and soft landing'

Mick Mulvaney becomes Pres. Trump chief of staff with caveat

12/15/18 06:31PM

MSNBC’s Aaron Gilchrist talks about the recent White House shake-up with NBC News White House Correspondent Geoff Bennett, Reuters White House Correspondent Jeff Mason, Bloomberg News White House Correspondent Toluse Olorunnipa and Time Magazine Contributor Jay Newton-Small. According to Bennett, two sources tell NBC News Mulvaney requested to... watch


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