Bill Nye debates Ken Ham on creation vs. evolution


TV’s “Science Guy” Bill Nye defended the vast evidence behind evolution Tuesday night while sparring against the founder and CEO of Kentucky’s Creation Museum, Ken Ham.

The debate, streamed online from Ham’s home turf, lasted for more than two hours and included full open statements, 30-minute presentations from each side, and a Q&A section over evolution vs. creation. Thousands of online viewers tuned into livestreams of the event; at one point, the debate surged as a trending topic on Twitter.

“I take this business very seriously,” Nye told MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell following the debate. “If we raise a generation of students who does not know and appreciate the process of science–let alone the facts of science–then we’re in trouble.”

Watch more highlights from the debate and Nye’s interview with O’Donnell.

MSNBC Live, 2/4/14, 10:11 PM ET

What came before the Big Bang?

Bill Nye and Ken Ham take an audience question at their debate on the viability of Creationism about what, if anything, came before the big bang.

MSNBC Live, 2/4/14, 10:25 PM ET

Literal vs. 'poetic' interpretation of the Bible

Biblical Creationist Ken Ham discusses how he separates the Bible’s literal passages from the ones that are, he says, meant to be interpreted poetically.

The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell, 2/4/14, 10:56 PM ET

Bill Nye’s debate victory lap

Bill Nye “The Science Guy” went to the Creation Museum to debate “is creation a viable model of origins in today’s modern scientific era?”  After the debate, Bill Nye came to the Last Word to discuss his faceoff with the founder of the Creation Museum,…

The full debate on YouTube:

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Bill Nye debates Ken Ham on creation vs. evolution