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E.g., 12/17/2017
DOJ expert on Trump’s “abuse of power”

DOJ expert: Trump May Use DOJ to Punish CNN

11/22/17 07:43PM

New concerns Trump is using the Justice Department as a weapon to attack his opponents. From urging the DOJ to investigate Hillary Clinton to blocking the AT&T – Time Warner deal. Michael Conway, who wrote part of final report recommending President Nixon’s impeachment calls it “the essence of abuse of power” watch

Journalist faces 60 years in jail for...

Journalist on trial by Trump’s Justice Dept. speaks out

11/21/17 07:53PM

Trial underway for photojournalist, Alexei Wood, who was covering Trump’s inauguration day protest. He faces 60 years in prison for rioting and destruction of property but claims he did nothing illegal and is “confident in the outcome.” watch

Exclusive to The Beat: Trump Lawyer on...

Exclusive to The Beat: Trump Lawyer on Mueller and critics

11/21/17 07:47PM

Trump’s criminal defense attorney, Ty Cobb, speaks exclusively to “The Beat” about Bob Mueller’s timeline, what he’s telling Trump, and responds to a new report that he is strategically working to keep “Trump from flying into a rage and firing Mueller.” watch

Kushner’s paper linked to WikiLeaks

Kushner newspaper published material from Russian hackers

11/20/17 07:47PM

Kushner’s former newspaper the “New York Observer” promoted WikiLeaks hacks during the 2016 election, and became the favored outlet of a suspected Russian hacker. Former Editor-in-Chief Elizabeth Spiers speaks exclusively to “The Beat.” watch

Kushner’s WikiLeaks Problem

Kushner withheld contact from Putin ally

11/17/17 11:54PM

NBC News exclusive: Kushner failed to disclose outreach from Putin ally to Trump campaign. It comes as Special Counsel Mueller subpoenas multiple campaign officials for Russia documents watch


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