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Your questions for President Obama


Given the opportunity to question the president, hundreds of readers said they would zero in on the Affordable Care Act, gun control, and voting rights. Many wondered when partisan bickering will end, whether income inequality can be reduced, and if working in public service has lost its appeal.

We asked the community to submit questions for Chris Matthews to ask President Obama in his exclusive interview Thursday. It turns out msnbc viewers know how to play Hardball, too. Our audience submitted nearly 500 questions in the past 48 hours to the Let’s Play Hardball group on and hundreds more using the hashtag #HonestlyLetsPlayHardball. Here is a look at what our audience is talking about.

On healthcare:

Peggy M. Lucas wrote:

Dear Mr. President,

I live in Pennsylvania and grew up in one of the poorest counties in the State, Fayette.  Our Governor refuses to expand Medicaid even though it would benefit many of our citizens especially in Fayette County.  We have needless deaths everyday in Pennsylvania. Why? because they don’t have health insurance. Why can’t our Governor see that this is a benefit all Americans should have and not play politics?    What can we, as citizens of the Commonwealth, do  to help get the expansion?  Is there anything you can do to help?  I know Senator Casey is for it, but unfortunately Senator Toomey is against it.  I am a big supporter of the Affordable Care Act and talk about it every chance I get.  I am also proud to have you as my President  and look forward to one day meeting you.  God Bless You!

Steven Haderer wrote:

What would you say to those who have compared your administrations implementation and response to the Affordable Care Act to President Bush’s response to Hurricane Katrina?

On voting rights:

Autumn Rose wrote:

Mr. President. The GOP is making it harder to vote by creating new voter ID laws in the hope of preventing minorities or as the GOP proudly stated in Texas harder for democrats to vote, what would it take to create a national holiday that allows We The People of the United States to have a day off to go and vote?  

Lauren Babb wrote:

Mr. President,

With respect to the recent Supreme Court Ruling ruling on The Voting Rights Act of 1965, what opportunities do you see as President that will ensure average American citizens are not excluded from the legislative process?

 On gun control:

Lea Goldman wrote:

We are just days away from the year anniversary of Newtown. If, on the heels of that tragedy, Congress could not pass any meaningful gun control laws, do you think that it’s even possible to do so?

On Partisanship:

Hiram LaGree wrote:

Mr. President, we all know that Republicans in Congress are doing their level best to obstruct your every effort to move the country forward. We also know that our infrastructure is crumbling all around us due to lack of investment. Are there any executive actions you can take to begin the things Chris Matthews has mentioned many times, like fixing roads and bridges, reinvesting in and rebuilding a new national rail system, etc. things that help people get back to work? 

 On Progressive values:

Wesley Cheek wrote:

Mr. President, I worked very hard to get you elected twice. In addition to that, as a progressive in the deep South I fight to defend your policies on a daily basis. Nevertheless, as a progressive I don’t feel that you have my back in the same way that a lot of us have yours. Can you explain that disconnect? Thank You, Wesley Cheek Urban Studies Pre-Doctoral Fellow Tulane University.

Rappenwolf wrote:

Mr. President, my name is Susan Rappenwolf and I am married to my partner of 15 years. What act of your Presidency will be your greatest legacy to the citizens of the United States of American or is it still to come?

Orion DiFranco wrote

President Obama, what’s your opinion on the ongoing strikes across the country iniated by fast-food workers demanding $15 livable wages and the right to unionize? Do you support or oppose these efforts?

What about you, what would you ask the president? Have we hit all the big issues? Leave your thoughts in the comments section.

Chris Matthews Exclusive interview with President Obama airs Thursday at 7p.m. ET. Tune in to see if YOUR question gets asked!

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