Police get geared up as demonstrators protest the shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., Aug. 19, 2014.
Larry W. Smith/EPA

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In Ferguson, who owns the night?
by Trymaine Lee

Violence has become a nightly routine in Ferguson, as peaceful protests sparked by the killing of an unarmed black teen devolve into tense clashes with police.

The grand jury, the prosecutor and the cop who shot Michael Brown
by Rachel Kleinman

A grand jury would indict a ham sandwich,” or so the saying goes. But whether the few selected to review the circumstances surrounding Michael Brown’s death will indict Darren Wilson – the officer who shot and killed the 18-year-old in broad daylight – depends considerably upon the county prosecutor.

Timeline of a tragedy: The Michael Brown story so far
by Michele Richinick

Events have unfolded quickly in Ferguson, Missouri in the wake of the police shooting death of Michael Brown. Here are all the key details to know about the case.

In Alaska, will reproductive rights make the difference?
by Irin Carmon

As Republicans pick the challenger to Alaska Sen. Mark Begich, he has one not-very-secret weapon: Women voters.

Obama alums accused of selling out
by Alex Seitz-Wald

David Plouffe is the latest in a string of top Obama alums who have taken jobs that earn grumbles from some on the left. 

Is Joni Ernest the next Sarah Palin?
by Jane C. Timm

Democrats are trying to paint Iowa Republican Senate candidate Joni Ernst as the next Sarah Palin in an attempt to sway voters in the state’s tight Senate race.


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In Case You Missed It: The week’s top stories from msnbc