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How 'Jackie' shaped the Kennedy legacy

How 'Jackie' shaped the Kennedy legacy

01/03/17 07:49AM

The film 'Jackie' depicts First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy in the week following her husband's assassination. Screenwriter Noah Oppenheim joins Morning Joe to discuss the film, starring Natalie Portman. watch

Joe: The media’s hypocrisy and hyperventilating in the age of Trump

01/03/17 07:16AM

Joe Scarborough writes in The Washington Post: This past week, I met twice with President-elect Donald Trump attempting to secure an interview for inauguration week. ... I do not know whether we will end up with an interview with the incoming president next month, but I do know that the reaction from some media reporters has been an equal dose... read more

The politics of cyber warfare

The politics of cyber warfare

01/02/17 07:04AM

News organizations continue to refer to the Russian hack as an "alleged" attack, despite the information U.S. officials have released. Does this need to change? The Morning Joe panel discusses. watch

Joe: Trump’s victory was history rhyming with itself again

01/02/17 06:39AM

Joe Scarborough writes in The Washington Post: Less than two years after Obama's inauguration, the tea party was swept into power. Voters even checked the president's 2012 reelection win a few years later with the largest congressional majority for Republicans since 1928.With such jagged voting patterns, Americans proved themselves... read more


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