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Must-Read Op-Eds for Tuesday, May 8, 2012

05/08/12 11:54AM

EXIT NICOLAS SARKOZYEDITORIALNEW YORK TIMESMr. Hollande has already made clear that he intends to restructure France’s economic policies, attacking the country’s deficit by raising taxes on the rich and big corporations while using government programs to stimulate growth and create more jobs. ... The United States economy is doing better than most of Europe. But the austerity debate continues here, too. So is there a warning for House Republicans who have endorsed Representative Paul Ryan’s draconian budget? ... read more

An excerpt from Bill Bradley's "We Can All Do Better"

An excerpt from Bill Bradley's "We Can All Do Better"

05/08/12 11:23AM

For eighteen years, I was a U.S. senator. Then for three years, I ran for president. For the past twelve years, the equivalent of two Senate terms, I’ve worked in finance, including venture capital, investment banking, and money management. People ask me what I miss about being in politics. The answer is twofold: I miss concerning myself with public policy seven days a week and interacting with constituents. For me, American democracy is, as Woodrow Wilson put it, a “sacred mystery.”I was always moved by the special relationship between a legislator and his constituents. read more

Passive-aggressive endorsement may doom Santorum's hopes for a speaking slot this summer

05/08/12 10:40AM

Rick Santorum finally came out Monday and endorsed Mitt Romney for the presidency. But the former Pennsylvania senator did it in a way that was so grudging -- he waited until the thirteenth paragraph of an email sent to supporters at around 11pm -- as to seriously damage his chances of having much pull with the Romney camp going forward.“This meeting, this email, did nothing to endear him to the Romney folks,” said Politico’s Mike Allen on Morning Joe Tuesday. “We’re about to have a big test of the backbone of the Romney campaign. read more