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Bradley Cooper on the set of Morning Joe

Bradley Cooper: I still have to fight for certain roles

05/23/11 02:34PM

Actor Bradley Cooper joins Morning Joe to discuss filming his new movie "The Hangover Part II" in Bangkok. Cooper says filming there on location was "tremendously draining…which was perfect for the energy of the film." Cooper also discusses why he still struggles to get certain roles.For more pictures of Bradley Cooper on the set of Morning Joe, click HERE. And in other "Hangover" news: This guy is suing over the face tattoo. read more

Must Read Op-Eds for May 23, 2011

05/23/11 07:52AM

Here are today's major opinion and editorial columns.WHEN AUSTERITY FAILS  BY PAUL KRUGMANNEW YORK TIMESIf Greek banks collapse, that might well force Greece out of the euro area — and it’s all too easy to see how it could start financial dominoes falling across much of Europe. So what is the E.C.B. thinking? My guess is that it’s just not willing to face up to the failure of its fantasies. read more

Morning headlines: Monday, May 23

05/23/11 05:57AM

Here's a look at stories we're following right now. What are you reading this morning?Dozens are feared dead after a deadly tornado rips through Joplin, Missouri. (Update: Authorities now say 89 are confirmed dead.)Mitch Daniels is out, but Pawlenty is all in. Check out the video.The president is in Ireland. read more

Taking a nice stroll on Sixth Avenue

Songs and signs of the rapture

05/20/11 04:37PM

I went out today looking for one of those trucks advertising the Rapture. They've been pretty darn omnipresent around 30 Rock lately. But perhaps since today is the day before the 6 pm deadline (nyuk nyuk.), those trucks had better places to be. Or perhaps it was just too rainy to be out today. Either way, I came up short in the Rapture truck department, but I am pleased to announce several people were out for leisurely Friday strolls, blissfully doing their thing.And here's a question: Lady Gaga is scheduled to perform on SNL, which airs at a decidedly post-Rapture time. read more

RIP Macho Man

05/20/11 02:54PM

You were an inspiration, and I definitely spent many a day watching you as a kid watching WWF wrestling.News of his death HERE. read more

Chris Licht (center) with producer Jon Tower (l.) and director TJ Asprea (r.)

Goodbye and good luck to Chris Licht

05/20/11 02:20PM

Our friend and esteemed executive producer Chris Licht spent his last day on Morning Joe behind the controls today. It was an emotional day indeed. He leaves us after four years at the helm. We paid him a little tribute today at the end of the show, and then we took him out for a much-deserved breakfast. We wish him well in his new role.Some of you may remember Chris from this appearance on the show last year. He even wrote a book about the experience. read more


An excerpt from the book "Stan Musial, An American Life"

05/20/11 09:52AM

This is an excerpt from author George Vecsey's new book "Stan Musial, An American Life".THE DO-OVERBud Selig could see it coming. He did not know exactly which great player was going to be overlooked by the capricious impulses of baseball fans, but he was certain it was going to be somebody he loved.The commissioner had brought this agony on himself by approving a commercial gimmick he suspected might backfire. A credit card company, a major sponsor, would arrange for fans to select the top twenty-five players of the twentieth century, using computerized punch cards. read more