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Morning headlines: Friday, July 22

07/22/11 05:56AM

Here's a look at stories we're following right now. What are you reading this morning?We're hittin' triple digitsThe president will hold a debt town hall meeting today in MarylandReport: US preps subpoenas for News Corp. read more

How the budget battle affects lower-income Americans

07/21/11 02:00PM

On Wednesday, President Obama met with Christian leaders who are asking him to protect services for the poor and hungry as the debt debate continues. Rev. Jim Wallis joins Morning Joe to discuss the meeting and what programs shouldn't receive cuts in funding.Rev. Jim Wallis: "Who's going to defend the Women, Infants, Children program? The WIC program -- which has made strong minds and bodies for kids for a long, long time. Who's going to defend basic health care for kids? K-Street doesn't have any lobbyists that spend their time defending poor people. So that was our job. read more

Aidan Quinn in the Morning Joe green room

Aidan Quinn: A fan of stretching, crawling for his coffee grinder

07/21/11 11:09AM

I talked with actor Aidan Quinn this morning for a few minutes. Seems as if he had a spare reserve of energy after chatting with the roundtable about his new film "Sarah's Key" and shooting in Paris.So I saw my window for grabbing a quick interview with him, and I took it.Perhaps it was something of a faux pas to tell him I'm a big "Desperately Seeking Susan" fan, but he didn't seem to mind.We got to talking about how he spends his mornings, which he admits often involve crawling for his coffee grinder. read more

Prime Minister David Cameron makes a statement on phone hacking in the House of Commons, London. Picture date: Wednesday July 20, 2011.

Top Talker: PM Cameron defends News Corp. dealings

07/21/11 09:35AM

There are new developments in the hacking scandal engulfing Rupert Murdoch’s media empire.  The full extent of the alleged cover-up at Murdoch’s now-defunct “News of the World” tabloid may soon be disclosed, as News International reportedly says it will release the details of its dealings with a law firm that allegedly has e-mails documenting the company’s wrongdoing.Meanwhile, here the U.S., the Justice Department is now launching an investigation into News Corp’s conduct .  They are looking to see if there were any efforts to hack the voicemails of nine-eleven victims.  It comes af read more