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Rattner returns with charts: On Congress, Paris Hilton, jobs

Rattner returns with charts: On Congress, Paris Hilton, jobs

01/05/12 11:32AM

You love 'em. We love 'em. Steve Rattner returned this morning with some of his famous charts. One of those charts may have had to do with Congress AND Paris Hilton.You can watch the video below for further analysis, but we've picked out some of the highlights for you.CHART 1--2011 Popularity PollRattner got some inspiration from Sen. Michael Bennet on this chart."If you take take a look at Congress' see Congress is sitting down here at 9 percent....Paris Hilton has a 15 percent approval rating, so she has a higher approval rating than Congress. read more

Must Read Op-Eds for Thursday, January 5, 2012

01/05/12 10:24AM

THE MARCH OF THE NON-MITTSBY GAIL COLLINSNEW YORK TIMESThere are still plenty of ... Republican options. After his fifth-place finish in Iowa, Rick Perry suspended his campaign but then tweeted, “Here we come, South Carolina.” This appeared to surprise some of his staff, who seemed to feel as if their long political nightmare had ended in Des Moines. But it turned out that Perry had jogged his way back into the race. “I was out on the trail when it kind of came to me,” he said. ... read more

Morning Headlines: Thursday, January 5

01/05/12 05:51AM

Here's a look at the stories we're following right now. What are you reading this morning?Newt Gingrich takes more direct aim at Mitt Romney in NHCheck out the latest CNN/ORC International pollN.H. is next, but S.C. is keyPolice: Colo. woman punches, rubs buttocks on $30 million paintingSantorum confronts electability questionsKodak is apparently preparing to file for bankruptcyRomney has testy exchange with Occupy protesterBaghdad bombings kill 24Obama bucks GOP with key recess appointmentsGood news: Kanye is back to tweeting read more

Scarborough: Why can't Santorum beat Obama?

Scarborough: Why can't Santorum beat Obama?

01/04/12 07:00PM

Does the Manhattan media elite have a "complete blind spot" when it comes to the issues social conservatives hold dear? Will Rick Santorum's stance on social issues put him in better stead with the country than the media thinks? The Wall Street Journal... watch

Is Santorum lacking time, money in New...

Is Santorum lacking time, money in New Hampshire?

01/04/12 07:00PM

Top Talkers: Rick Santorum may have made an impressive showing during the Iowa caucuses, but how far will his message go in New Hampshire and in South Carolina? Joe Scarborough argues Santorum could have staying power, while the Huffington Post's Sam... watch

Romney: I've got a big target on me now

01/04/12 02:11PM

Mitt Romney came back to our show this morning. Just a few hours after learning he'd won Iowa by just eight votes.Here's what he had to say about his win:“…I’ve got a big target on me now. The Democratic National Committee, the president, the White House, the other contenders for the race are going to come after me in a big way. Of course, they’ve been going after me for the last several months. But that’s the nature of the process. I’ve got broad shoulders. I’m willing to handle it. read more

An excerpt from Michael Hastings' new book 'The Operators'

An excerpt from Michael Hastings' new book 'The Operators'

01/04/12 02:05PM

Chapter 1DELTA BRAVO APRIL 7, 2010, MILTON, VERMONT I dialed the strange number with a sequence of digits too long to remember. The tone beeped in a distinctly foreign way. My call went through to Afghanistan. “Hello, Duncan? This is Michael Hastings from Rolling Stone.” I was in a house on Lake Champlain, smoking a cigarette on a screened-in porch with a view of the Adirondacks. I put the smoke out in an empty citronella candle, went inside, and grabbed a notebook from the kitchen counter. read more

Must Read Op-Eds for Wednesday, January 4, 2012

01/04/12 01:10PM

IOWA CAUCUSESEDITORIALNEW YORK TIMESThe errors, absurd misstatements and unrelenting extremism he was definitely the surge candidate. ... Ron Paul’s vote was something altogether different. He won overwhelmingly among the young, and brought young voters into the caucuses.THE HUNTSMAN BUZZ IN IOWABY ERICK ERICKSONRED STATEI think it was a big mistake for Huntsman to write off Iowa. Today I am convinced of it. read more

Morning Headlines: Wednesday, January 4

01/04/12 05:53AM

Here's a look at the stories we're following right now. What are you reading this morning?Mitt beats Santorum in eight votes. Closest race EVER!What the Iowa entrance polls told us about the outcomeNBC sources: McCain to endorse RomneyPerry heads to Texas to reassess campaignPolitico has seven takeaways from the caucusesReality check coming for SantorumAnalysis: Obama among the winners in IowaThe HuffPo has a real-time caucus mapIs the future uncertain for Michele Bachmann? read more