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Get ready to #askObama

Get ready to #askObama

07/06/11 10:42AM

The president will hold his first Twitter town hall today, and he'll be taking questions and firing back some answers.Jack Dorsey, Twitter co-founder, is moderating.Bloomberg points out that the town hall event, which starts at 2 p.m. EST, will focus on jobs and the economy. They write:...the question- and-answer session already has attracted posts on topics as diverse as small-business incentives and tax rates, women working in math and science, marijuana legalization, and Libya. read more

Must Read Op-Eds for July 6, 2011

07/06/11 10:31AM

Here are today's must read opinion and editorial columns.OBAMA'S ORIGINAL SIN  BY FRANK RICHNEW YORK MAGAZINEObama arrives at his reelection campaign not merely with a weak performance on Wall Street crime enforcement and reform but also with a scattershot record (at best) of focusing on the main concern of Main Street: joblessness. One is a consequence of the other. His failure to push back against the financial sector, sparing it any responsibility for the economy it tanked, empowered it to roll over his agenda with its own. read more

Incredible footage of Phoenix dust storm

07/06/11 09:53AM

Last night, a dust storm basically enveloped Phoenix. It was 50 miles wide and a mile high. Yeah. Pretty incredible.Some fearless soul thought it a good idea to drive into the heart of the beast and film the haboob.Watch him go from light to pitch black in a matter of seconds. Intense. read more

President Barack Obama makes a statement on the status of efforts to find a balanced approach to deficit reduction in the briefing room of the White House.

Top Talker: President Obama invites lawmakers to the White House for Budget Talks

07/06/11 09:43AM

 With a deadline just weeks away, President Obama is now rejecting calls for a short-term hike to the debt ceiling.  Making a rare appearance in the briefing room yesterday, the President invited leaders from both parties and chambers to meet with him on Thursday at the White House.  He challenged them to seize the moment and make a deal.  He said, “It’s my hope that everybody will leave the ultimatums at the door, that we’ll all leave our political rhetoric at the door and do what’s best for our economy and do what’s best for our people.”Less than an hour after the President’s invitation, Hou read more

Morning headlines: Wednesday, July 6

07/06/11 05:54AM

Here's a look at stories we're following right now. What are you reading this morning?Obama warns against short-term debt dealSounds like Boehner ain't havin itThe president will host a Twitter town hall todayMitt's getting some heat over his Obama criticismBut good news...Mitt's leading a new N.H. poll And he's headed to LondonThe bin Laden family is currently not allowed to leave PakistanA member of the al Shababh terror group was secretly brought to the U.S. read more

President Barack Obama welcomes military families to an Independence Day celebration on the South Lawn of the White House in Washington, Monday, July 4, 2011.

Top Talker: Budget Deadline Looming

07/05/11 09:34AM

With an August 2 deadline looming, the House and Senate are cutting their congressional recess short this week to continue negotiations on the nation's deficit. And as Democrats and Republicans try to reach a deal, the New York Times reports that the Obama administration is offering to cut tens of billions of dollars from Medicare and Medicaid as part of those ongoing talks. The Times says the money would come from health care providers without directly imposing new costs for patients and radically changing the programs. read more

Must Read Op-Eds for July 5, 2011

07/05/11 07:48AM

Here are today's must read opinion and editorial columns.A GRAND OLD CULT  BY RICHARD COHENWASHINGTON POSTSomeone ought to study the Republican Party. I am not referring to yet another political scientist but to a mental health professional, preferably a specialist in the power of fixations, obsessions and the like. The GOP needs an intervention. It has become a cult. In order to become a Republican, one has to take a pledge. … This intellectual rigidity has produced a GOP presidential field that's a virtual political Jonestown. read more