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E.g., 2/14/2016
UAE leader: ISIS not only thing to worry...

UAE leader: ISIS not only thing to worry about

12/18/15 06:44AM

U.A.E. Ambassador to the U.S. Yousef Al Otaiba talks about the consequences of Donald Trump's proposal to temporarily ban Muslims and cautions against the major consequences it would have in the Middle East. The ambassador also says that the fight against ISIS is missing the broader picture. watch

Trump triples his nearest opponent in poll

Trump triples his nearest opponent in poll

12/18/15 06:07AM

Top Talkers: In the first national poll conducted after this week's GOP debate, Donald Trump is still in first place. His numbers triple the strength of his nearest competitor, Ben Carson, who stands at 12 percent. At a Mesa, Arizona rally, Mark Halperin interviews Trump backers, who show the resiliency of Trump's support. watch

Joe: This has been a good week for Sanders

Joe: This has been a good week for Sanders

12/18/15 06:01AM

Top Talkers: Senator Bernie Sanders says he's already writing his inaugural address. His campaign recently collected major wins by collecting more than 2 million contributions, his biggest labor endorsement to date from Communications Workers of America, and million-member progressive group, Democracy for America. watch

Drug price-hike CEO Shkreli arrested

Drug price-hike CEO Shkreli arrested

12/17/15 08:39AM

Martin Shkreli, head of Turing Pharmaceutical, is in federal custody Thursday morning after the FBI arrested him after an investigation involving his former hedge fund and a drug company he previously headed. watch

Huckabee: Failed policies made Syrians...

Huckabee: Failed policies made Syrians refugees

12/17/15 08:24AM

2016 GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee joins Morning Joe to discuss his campaign, fighting ISIS, the controversy over accepting Syrian refugees in the United States, why Bashar al-Assad is not the number one U.S. enemy and the recent budget deal. watch


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