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Must-Read Op-Eds for Monday, April 2, 2012

04/02/12 05:52AM

A QUANTUM THEORY OF MITT ROMNEYBY DAVID JAVERBAUMNEW YORK TIMESccording to the latest theories, the "Mitt Romney" who seems poised to be the Republican nominee is but one of countless Mitt Romneys, each occupying his own cosmos, each supporting a different platform, each being compared to a different beloved children's toy but all... read more

Morning Headlines: Monday, April 2

04/02/12 05:43AM

Here's a look at the stories we're following right now. What are you reading this morning?The Romney Democrats fear the mostObama leads Mitt in top swing statesSanford finds itself in the eye of a racial firestormZimmerman wasn’t calling for help in 911 tape, audio experts saySwift, Lambert, Shelton rule Country Music AwardsIn Maryland... read more

What happens if the individual mandate fails?

What happens if the individual mandate fails?

04/01/12 08:00PM

Financier Steven Rattner discusses health-care reform, and he brings along his infamous charts to show revenues from health-care reform, the costs of health care reform and what will happen if the individual mandate fails. watch

Todd: Romney will get to 1,144

Todd: Romney will get to 1,144

04/01/12 08:00PM

The Daily Rundown’s Chuck Todd’s previews Tuesday’s primaries in Wisconsin and Maryland saying, the general election will probably begin this weekend. A Morning Joe panel also joins to talk about how the women vote will affect the race. watch

How early detection helps in cases of autism

How early detection helps in cases of autism

04/01/12 08:00PM

Monday is World Autism Awareness day, and the Center for Disease Control reports that one in 88 U.S. children has autism. Autism Speaks founders Bob and Suzanne wright join Morning Joe to discuss autism research, having an autistic child in their... watch

What would you do if you won the Mega Millions lottery?

03/30/12 02:07PM

Just because it's Friday, and well, just because it's now at $640 Million, we have to ask you: What would you do if you won the Mega Millions jackpot?Have you bought a ticket? You've got a 1 in 176 million chance.If you opt for the cash payout, you're looking at a cool $462 million.Not too shabby.Tell us what you'd do... read more

Must-Read Op-Eds for Friday, March 30, 2012

03/30/12 10:26AM

MITT ROMNEY PREPARES TO CHALLENGE OBAMA ON FOREIGN POLICYBY SCOTT WILSONWASHINGTON POSTRepublican presidential front-runner Mitt Romney is preparing to broaden his challenge to President Obama’s management of foreign affairs, sensing political vulnerability in an area in which the incumbent has received his strongest public support. With the... read more


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