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E.g., 11/29/2014
The bigger picture surrounding education...

The bigger picture surrounding education reform

03/01/12 07:00PM

Helping students is more than fixing what happens inside schools; it's about strengthening outside communities as well. MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry, Communities in Schools National Board Chair Elaine Wynn, and Telemundo’s Nightly News anchor Jose Diaz... watch

Actor Danny DeVito in the msnbc studios

Danny DeVito stops by Morning Joe, reads the paper

03/01/12 01:39PM

Yesterday Danny DeVito dropped by the show to talk about his latest adventure.It was cool! He was really genial and seemingly up for talking about anything.Just before his interview (which aired today), I sat with him in the msnbc studio and took a few images.I think I like this one the most. read more

Scarborough on Santorum: It's over

03/01/12 12:18PM

Joe Scarborough: You know, the thing is, I’m sorry. I know I’m going to p**s some people off. It’s over. It’s over. If Santorum had beaten Romney in Michigan, it would have shaken the race up to such a degree that I think it could have given him a charge. He had his chance; he blew is chance. If I were Rick I would be saying the same exact thing. I hate to upset people, but the fact is Romney has all the built-in advantages. had one chance to take him down, and he blew it. read more

Morning Joe will be live tomorrow in Fort Lee, New Jersey

Morning Joe will be live tomorrow in Fort Lee, New Jersey

03/01/12 10:49AM

On Friday, March 2 (tomorrow), Morning Joe and Way Too Early will be broadcasting live from Fort Lee High School in Fort Lee, New Jersey for a special town hall meeting.Gov. Chris Christie, R-N.J., Gov. Jack Markell, D-Del., Gov. Dannel Malloy, D-Conn. and Students First founder Michelle Rhee and many more will be joining us.The special broadcast, part of “Morning Joe” and Starbucks’ commitment to education, will feature in-depth conversations about what policies and reforms will help improve U.S. schools. read more

Must-Read Op-Eds for Thursday, March 1, 2012

03/01/12 10:23AM

A BIG DAY'S COMINGBY GAIL COLLINSNEW YORK TIMESThe basic answer to fixing the long-term Social Security imbalance is just to eliminate the payroll tax cap, which currently exempts all income over $110,100 a year. Do that, and you have solved the problem. Politically speaking, you would probably have to agree to mix a limited tax increase with one of the fixes desired by fiscal conservatives, like reducing benefits for the wealthy, or changing the cost-of-living adjustment or, yeah, raising the retirement age a little. read more

Morning Headlines: Thursday, March 1

03/01/12 05:52AM

Here's a look at the stories we're following right now. What are you reading this morning?Two NATO troops killed by two Afghans who open fire 'indiscriminately'Kuwait lawmakers back Syrian rebel armyGoogle to dig deeper into users' livesIn 'historic' soccer match, US beats Italy for first time in 78 yearsSantorum looks to beat back perceptionsBernanke strikes cautious tone amid signs economic recovery acceleratingMitt Romney backtracks on comment opposing Blunt AmendmentDavid Dreier retirement: California congressman will not run for re-election read more

What really matters most to small businesses

What really matters most to small businesses

02/29/12 07:00PM

"Your Business" host JJ Ramberg joins Morning Joe to discuss how politicians can really help small businesses. Politicians on the stump talk about helping out small businesses, but Ramberg says there's a distinction to be made between a "large" small... watch