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Van Halen plays gig at tiny Manhattan club, and you didn't see it

01/06/12 12:19PM

 Let's take a break from Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and let's talk about New York for just a few seconds.Last night, Van Halen...yes Van Halen...played a gig at a very tiny club in the Village. And David Lee Roth was on vocals. Yes, he's back in the band. Only 250 people were there. Watch the video above. That's what it looked and sounded like.Over the years, Van Halen had David Lee Roth, lost him, picked up some other singers, and then got DLR back. read more

Roemer: GOP candidates bought and sold by special interests

01/06/12 10:50AM

Buddy Roemer, fmr. gov., R-La., and current GOP '12 candidate: “You know what is amazing to me? As the only man running who’s been a congressman and a governor – with a darn good record at both – I have not been asked to be on a single debate. Could it be that they don’t want to hear about the money? I mean, Mitt Romney takes million-dollar checks under the table. Even Rick Santorum, who’s a decent guy, formed a superPAC. They’re all in it together. There’s not a bit of difference among them. They’re bought and sold by the special interests.” read more

Must Read Op-Eds for Friday, January 6, 2012

01/06/12 10:26AM

IOWA LESSON FOR NH IS BACK STRONGEST CANDIDATEBY JOE MCQAIDTHE MANCHESTER UNION-LEADERThe lesson from Iowa? Conservative Republicans and like-minded independents in New Hampshire and elsewhere had better rally around one here is a widespread belief that Romney’s campaign, like a well-designed corporate strategy, is bound for success. But even if Romney emerges as the nominee, it matters how he gets there. Already, the religious right, represented by Rick Santorum, and Tea Party activists, represented by Ron Paul, have pushed Romney in unwanted directions. read more

Morning Headlines: Friday, January 6

01/06/12 05:55AM

Here's a look at the stories we're following right now. What are you reading this morning?NYT: President Obama testing two-tier re-election planRick Santorum, college students have testy exchange over same-sex marriage50 blazes rage across Chile, killing at least 5 firefightersMitt Romney's weekend from hellGingrich camp blasts Romney, questions Santorum's conservative purityThe path to victory in S.C.?Walmart dumped by pension fund over poor worker conditionsSuicide bomber kills, wounds dozens in Damascus: Syria TV read more

Scarborough: Why can't Rick Santorum beat Obama?

01/05/12 12:16PM

Does the Manhattan media elite have a "complete blind spot" when it comes to the issues social conservatives hold dear? Will Rick Santorum's stance on social issues put him in better stead with the country than the media thinks?Joe Scarborough have a complete blind spot when it comes to social policy and the way people in Middle America think.” read more

Rattner returns with charts: On Congress, Paris Hilton, jobs

Rattner returns with charts: On Congress, Paris Hilton, jobs

01/05/12 11:32AM

You love 'em. We love 'em. Steve Rattner returned this morning with some of his famous charts. One of those charts may have had to do with Congress AND Paris Hilton.You can watch the video below for further analysis, but we've picked out some of the highlights for you.CHART 1--2011 Popularity PollRattner got some inspiration from Sen. Michael Bennet on this chart."If you take take a look at Congress' see Congress is sitting down here at 9 percent....Paris Hilton has a 15 percent approval rating, so she has a higher approval rating than Congress. read more