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Morning Headlines: Friday, April 6

04/06/12 05:44AM

Here's a look at the stories we're following right now. What are you reading this morning?Coast Guard sinks tsunami 'ghost ship' in Gulf of AlaskaZimmerman called Sanford police 7 times since AugustA ‘war on women’ or a battle for their votes?Romney uses rule to cloak wealthRNC neutrality challenged on RomneyRomney, who holds two Harvard degrees, says Obama spent ‘too much time’ at HarvardMarine Sgt. read more

Will the GOP outspend Obama in the general...

Will the GOP outspend Obama in the general election?

04/05/12 08:00PM

The RNC announced it has raised over $110M in the past 15 months, and the Morning Joe panel discusses the amount of money from both sides that will go into the general election. The panel also discusses a panel Mika Brzezinski is moderating at a White... watch

Understanding Holy Week’s message

Understanding Holy Week’s message

04/05/12 08:00PM

Cardinal Donald Wuerl, Rabbi Steve Gutow and Father Kevin O’Brien join Morning Joe for a special Faith on Fridays segment, in which they explain the significance of Holy Week and Passover. The panel talks about the time of reflection during these... watch

How will Ed Gillespie impact Romney's...

How will Ed Gillespie impact Romney's campaign?

04/05/12 08:00PM

How will former RNC Chairman Ed Gillespie help the Romney campaign now that he's been brought on as senior adviser? Will President Obama continue to benefit from women's weariness with the GOP? "Meet the Press" moderator David Gregory and former... watch

Is a 'war on Planned Parenthood' a war on...

Is a 'war on Planned Parenthood' a war on women?

04/05/12 08:00PM

Top Talkers: The Morning Joe panel – including the Huffington Post's Sam Stein, Mike Barnicle, the Washington Post's Eugene Robinson, and NBC News' Andrea Mitchell – discusses comments made by RNC chairman Reince Priebus dismissing the GOP's supposed... watch

Willie Geist goes to Augusta

Willie Geist goes to Augusta

04/05/12 01:45PM

"If you're one of the fortunate few on this Earth with a pass to enter the gates of Augusta National on Masters Sunday, you don't leave early. You just don't...Unless you're me." writes Willie Geist in a new Golf Digest piece that looks back on his first trip to the Masters.Willie writes about his 2011 trip and the early departure that caused him to hang his head in shame.Read on for the rest of the story and check out Willie's video wrap-up below read more

Scarborough: Saying Romney's not a conservative doesn't mean I'm not a conservative

04/05/12 11:02AM

In the latest sign that the general election campaign is beginning, Ed Gillespie, a former lobbyist and Bush White House official and the ultimate Washington GOP insider, is joining the Mitt Romney campaign as it gears up to take on President Obama.With the GOP coalescing around Romney, Joe Scarborough is worried that in the name of unity, the party will turn on anyone who continues to point out Romney’s lack of conservative cred.“The same people who were attacking for not being a conservative,” Scarborough said on Morning Joe Thursday, “will now say that if you attack Mitt Romney, you’re a R read more

Must-Read Op-Eds for Thursday, April 5, 2012

04/05/12 10:48AM

IT'S MITT! OH NO.BY CHARLES BLOWNEW YORK TIMESThe dream is dying. There will be no dynamic, charismatic, Reaganesque Republican presidential nominee this cycle. There won’t even be a consistent conservative. There will only be Mitt Romney. ... But this is likely the result of resignation, not enthusiasm. ... It’s Mitt — the flavorless force who is willing to flow in any direction to get a vote. ... That sound you hear is the sound of despair —  the hard swallowing and deep breathing by reluctant Republicans crossing their fingers and praying for the best. read more

Romney leads in Pennsylvania, upping pressure on Santorum to quit

04/05/12 09:55AM

Rick Santorum’s strategy of betting everything on his home state is looking less and less like a winner.In the wake of defeats in Wisconsin and Maryland Tuesday, Santorum told supporters he’s “ready to charge out of the locker room in Pennsylvania” -- the state he represented for 12 years in the U.S. Senate, and which holds it primary April 24.But NBC’s Chuck Todd told the Morning Joe gang Wednesday that Santorum backers might well be urging him to quit the race by raising the prospect that he could suffer the ignominy of losing his home state. read more