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Nancy Pelosi gets a hug from House Speaker Boehner

06/08/12 11:18AM

It's not hanging with Bono, but perhaps this is cooler?To honor Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi's 25 anniversary in Congress, Republican House Speaker John Boehner reached across the aisle and gave Pelosi a big ole hug Thursday on Capitol Hill."The gentle-lady and I have differing political philosophies and we have had some real... read more

Must-Read Op-Eds for Friday, June 8, 2012

06/08/12 10:57AM

WILL ROMNEY'S PUSH TO WIN COLORADO GO UP IN SMOKE?BY JOSHUA GREENBLOOMBERG BUSINESSWEEKAlthough Colorado’s marijuana initiative wasn’t created to help Obama, a cohort of Democratic strategists believe that it might. Their reasoning is the same as Rove’s in 2004, although they obviously have a different audience in mind: pot-loving... read more

Morning Headlines: Friday, June 8

06/08/12 05:50AM

Here's a look at the stories we're following right now. What are you reading this morning?Approval rating for justices hits just 44% in new poll3 health care scenarios for the presidentRand Paul endorses Romney, but dad ‘still my first pick’Clinton: I'm ‘very sorry’ for tax cut commentsSuicides are surging among U.S. troopsEx... read more

Is Obama's fundraising advantage losing...

Is Obama's fundraising advantage losing steam?

06/07/12 08:00PM

Top Talkers: The Morning Joe panel – including the Huffington Post's Sam Stein, MSNBC's Michael Steele, the BBC's Katty Kay and U.S. Army veteran Wes Moore – discusses the windfalls both the Obama campaign and the Romney campaign saw in May. Romney and... watch

Will Romney announce a VP pick before the...

Will Romney announce a VP pick before the convention?

06/07/12 08:00PM

Politico Playbook: The Romney campaign is looking for ways to keep up their fundraising momentum, Politico's Mike Allen reports. And one way the campaign is looking to do that is by potentially announcing a Vice Presidential running mate earlier than... watch

Former football players sue NFL over head...

Former football players sue NFL over head injuries

06/07/12 08:00PM

More than 2,000 former NFL players have banded together to sue the organization over past injuries. Lawyers for the players filed the complaint on Thursday, which accuses the NFL of hiding information that linked football-related head trauma to... watch

Deconstructing the UN

Deconstructing the UN

06/07/12 08:00PM

Co-director of “U.N. ME” Ami Horowitz shares details from the documentary that takes a critical look at the United Nations, asking whether the international organization is living up to its ideals. watch

Joan Rivers on the set of Morning Joe

Joan Rivers: It's not that I hate you- I just hate your type

06/07/12 01:52PM

By Molly MitchellComedy and showbiz legend Joan Rivers stopped by the show this morning to talk about her new book, I Hate Everyone Starting…with Me.And if we weren't awake before her interview, we were certainly wide eyed after.Rivers -- who's also the subject of an incredibly engaging and...well...touching 2010 documentary -- sat... read more


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