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Must Read Op-Eds for Monday, January 16, 2012

01/16/12 11:11AM

BITTER POLITICS OF ENVY?BY CHARLES M. BLOWNEW YORK TIMESIn his New Hampshire victory speech on Tuesday, Romney lambasted his Republican opponents (who have raised real issues about his role at the private equity firm Bain Capital) for following the lead of President Obama, whom he described as a leader who divides us “with the bitter politics of envy.”...But somewhere along the way this got lost. Greed got good. The rich wanted all of the societal benefits and none of the societal responsibilities. read more

Scarborough: If I were in Huntsman's place, I would probably get out as well

01/16/12 10:29AM

Joe Scarborough: “I wouldn’t call 17 percent disappointing in New Hampshire. He needed to do better to move forward, but even if he’d gotten in the 20s, even if he’d gotten in second place there, the fact of the matter is he wasn’t going to have the bump he needed to get to South Carolina. The great irony of this race, I believe, is that if you believe the Wall Street Journal, if you believe Erick Erickson…Jon Huntsman Jr. is the most conservative candidate in this Republican race. And yet he could never connect with conservatives. read more

Must Read Op-Eds for Friday, January 13, 2012

01/13/12 01:57PM

AMERICA ISN'T A CORPORATIONBY PAUL KRUGMANNEW YORK TIMESBut there’s a deeper problem in the whole notion that what this nation needs is a successful businessman as president: America is not, in fact, a corporation. Making good economic policy isn’t at all like maximizing corporate profits. And businessmen do not, in general, have any special insights into what it takes to achieve economic recovery. ... read more

Why President Obama should put Hillary on '12 bill with him

01/13/12 12:45PM

Joe Scarborough: “You wrote a fascinating article a couple of days ago talking about something you think President Obama might do that would help his re-election chances.”New York Times' Bill Keller: “Not something that he might do, but something I think he would be well-advised to do, and that is to put Hillary Clinton on the ticket as his vice presidential nominee this year. I’m not going to predict that they’re going to do it. There are a number of obstacles in the way. One of them is Barack Obama; one of them is Hillary Clinton, and another one is Joe Biden. read more