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Answer: Five-time Jeopardy! winner and current CFPB chief

01/18/12 12:57PM

Question: Who is Richard Cordray? Morning Joe took a trip down memory lane with the newly appointed director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau this morning. In 1987, the year of one of the most notorious stock market crashes in U.S. history., a younger, bright-eyed Cordray showed off his Bushido smarts to Alex Trebek.  read more

Scarborough: I suspect Romney campaign will regret tax rate talk

01/18/12 08:54AM

Joe Scarborough: This is a problem on a lot of levels…campaigns are sometimes defined in a moment that the candidate doesn’t realize. I don’t want to overstate this. We can go back to Michael Dukakis and the tank. We can go back to 1980 and Ronald Reagan saying ‘Mr. Green I paid for this mic in Nashua.’ In this case you have a guy worth $250M talking about how he’s paying a lower tax rate than most secretaries…one of the most damning parts of this is when Mitt said he didn’t make much money on speaker’s fees. And his definition of not much money is $360,000. read more

Must Read Op-Eds for Wednesday, January 18, 2012

01/18/12 08:10AM

NOT THE BANE OF HIS EXISTENCEBY ROSS DOUTHATNEW YORK TIMESTrue, the Bain controversy may hurt Romney in the general election, at which point Gingrich will be able to claim some measure of vindication. But for now, all he seems to have created is a rally-round-the-frontrunner effect that might otherwise have taken weeks or months for Romney to achieve on his own. ... If he wins the election, Romney owes him an ambassadorship, at the very least. And conservatives wondering how a man they so mistrust could be breezing to the nomination should know exactly whom to blame. read more

Morning Headlines: Wednesday, January 15

01/18/12 05:49AM

Here's a look at the stories we're following right now. What are you reading this morning?Have you seen this yet?Here's the story behind itCatch up on all things S.C. politics with the Post and CourierYou can do the same with The State, tooHere's what Newt had to say about a Romney win in S.C.Cruise ship wreck search suspended after hull movesSarah Palin on South Carolina GOP primary: 'I'd vote for Newt'Ahead of State of Union, electorate sharply split over Obama, poll findsJerry Yang, Yahoo co-founder, leaving the companySchools close, flights canceled as storm nears NW read more