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How wartime shapes the American presidency

How wartime shapes the American presidency

07/05/12 08:00PM

The Morning Joe panel continues its examination of the American presidency by looking at the history of wartime presidents from Woodrow Wilson and World War I, Lyndon Johnson and Vietnam up to President Obama and his involvement in Afghanistan. watch

Morning Joe takes a look at the history of the presidency

Morning Joe takes a look at the history of the presidency

07/05/12 01:50PM

Morning Joe takes a look at the American presidency on Friday, July 6 with presidential historian Doris Kearns Goodwin, Random House's Jon Meacham and Princeton professor Evan Thomas.Also joining the discussion is Mike Barnicle and Nancy Gibbs and Michael Duffy, authors of "The President's Club."The show takes a look at the... read more

New documentary profiles the unemployed of suburban Long Island

07/05/12 10:57AM

Director Marc Levin doesn’t intend to let politicians, the media, or the gainfully employed forget about their unemployed neighbors.Levin’s new documentary, Hard Times: Lost on Long Island (trailer after jump), interviews the long-term unemployed in Levittown, N.Y., a city of about 50,000 known as one of the first successful post-World War II... read more

Is fear driving our busyness? Author of 'The Busy Trap' weighs in

07/03/12 09:19AM

Tim Kreider hates to be busy (his words), and he wants us all to consider why we feel oh-so-busy all the time. A New York Times Sunday column by the author and cartoonist, 'The Busy Trap' has people buzzing in "busy" areas like New York and Washington, D.C.As he explained in the Times, this feeling of busyness is just that—a... read more

Morning Headlines: Tuesday, July 3

07/03/12 05:45AM

Here's a look at the stories we're following right now. What are you reading this morning?Barclays chief executive Bob Diamond quits over banking scandalLiberals fear the Roberts reboundIran reports long-range missile launch in exerciseEvidence of 'God particle' found, say physicistsWomen's pro baseball pioneer Doris... read more


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