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E.g., 10/31/2014
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (L) receives the Doctor Honoris Causa degree from the rector of Havana's University Gustavo Cobreiro, during a ceremony at the university in Havana, on January 11, 2012.

Talking about Iran from a few different points of view

03/08/12 11:37AM

How should the U.S. handle Iran? How should the U.S. deal with Israel's contemplating a strike on Iran?In a recent op-ed, Mitt Romney laid out his plan as president. It involves, in short, "...diplomacy with a military option that will persuade the ayatollahs to abandon their nuclear ambitions." The rest of the GOP presidential field has also shared their thoughts on what should be done.But the question of Iran has been a question the world seems to be asking, and it's certainly a question we've been asking our guests lately.And we've gotten a wide variety of suggestions.Today we had on Dr. read more

Must-Read Op-Eds for Thursday, March 8, 2012

03/08/12 09:25AM

THE NOMINEEBY ERICK ERICKSONRED STATEThe big difference between 2008 and 2012 is that in 2008, David beat Goliath. The base of the party rallied to the David who took out the machine no one thought could be taken out. In 2012, Goliath is beating David and no one ever really cheers for Goliath. ... will go into the general election deeply distrusted by his own base while having to woo independent voters. This is not a dazzling position to be in to beat an incumbent President. ... Were I Mitt Romney I’d be wondering how I spent 5.5 times as much money as Rick Santorum and barely won Ohio. read more

Morning Headlines: Thursday, March 8

03/08/12 05:55AM

Here's a look at the stories we're following right now. What are you reading this morning?Mitt tries to break Southern losing streakLongtime politicians have new foeRomney to rivals: Give up the fightInternational Women's Day observed around the worldAxelrod: If Romney can't condemn Limbaugh, 'How can he stand up to Ahmadinejad?' read more

Santorum superPAC to Gingrich: Time to leave the party

03/07/12 01:47PM

So, while the main post-Super Tuesday narrative seems to be how Republicans are feeling about Mitt Romney. He won the most delegates and took home Ohio, but doubts about him continue to persist.But Rick Santorum, at least in the immediate moment, has something else on his mind. Or, I should say, his superPAC has something on its mind. read more