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Is it time to slow down?

Is it time to slow down?

07/02/12 08:00PM

So many of us complain about being busy every day, but is it our own fault? Satirical cartoonist and essayist Tim Kreider joins Morning Joe to discuss. watch

Happy Birthday Mr. Capehart

07/02/12 02:18PM

Washington Post columnist Jonathan Capehart celebrates a birthday on Monday, July 2nd, and the Morning Joe panel -- led by Mike Barnicle -- wishes him a happy day! read more

Chris Christie calls out reporter: 'Are you stupid?'

07/02/12 11:36AM

 It's Monday, and we need some Jersey talk to keep us on our toes.And we've got some for you.During a Saturday press conference, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie got a bit fiesty with a reporter who asked a question off topic.NBC New York notes: Reporters were told in advance that the governor was only taking questions about a water... read more

Must-Read Op-Eds for Monday, July 2, 2012

07/02/12 10:40AM

PLAYING IT DANGEROUSLY SAFEBY THOMAS B. EDSALLNEW YORK TIMESImmigration is a complicated problem for Romney because the issue pits hard-core anti-immigration forces on the right against two distinct constituencies: Hispanic voters; and the business wing of the Republican party, which wants legal access to the services of millions of low-wage... read more

Morning Headlines: Monday, July 2

07/02/12 05:52AM

Here's a look at the stories we're following right now. What are you reading this morning?Mexico's old guard claim presidential winStorm-hit East could face power outages for daysMilitary plane crashes while battling fireCongress finally gets something doneCBS: Roberts Flipped Obamacare VoteVeep hopefuls play the name game read more

Why immigration continues to be an issue...

Why immigration continues to be an issue for Romney

07/01/12 08:00PM

Must-Read Op-Eds: Mike Barnicle reads from a Thomas Edsall NYT column on why "[i]mmigration is a complicated problem for Romney." Jonathan Capehart then reads from a Charles Lane Washington Post column on Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts. watch

Can the US afford the Affordable Care Act?

Can the US afford the Affordable Care Act?

07/01/12 08:00PM

What are the fiscal implications of the Supreme Court's ruling on the ACA? While economist Paul Krugman says in a recent column that the ACA is fully paid for. The Comeback America Initiative's Dave Walker says the country "…cannot afford or sustain... watch


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