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Must-Read Op-Eds for August 17, 2012

08/17/12 11:39AM

ROMNEY'S PRESENT, RYAN'S FUTURECHARLES KRAUTHAMMERWASHINGTON POSTWhile Ryan’s effect on 2012 is as yet undetermined — it depends on the success or failure of Mediscare — there is less doubt about the meaning of Ryan’s selection for beyond 2012. He could well become the face of Republicanism for a generation. ... Ryan’s role is to make... read more

Why Romney and Obama both agree on big...

Why Romney and Obama both agree on big government

08/16/12 08:00PM

Bloomberg Businessweek's Josh Green joins Morning Joe to discuss the tax plans of both President Obama and Mitt Romney, which Bloomberg writer Brendan Greeley details in a new piece. Green says that the campaign for both candidates is really about the... watch

New show focuses on NYC corruption -- in 1864

New show focuses on NYC corruption -- in 1864

08/16/12 08:00PM

Tom Fontana-Jones and Tom Weston of the new BBC America show "Copper" join Morning Joe to discuss what life was like in New York City in 1864 (when the show takes place) and the show's journey from concept to actually being picked up by its current... watch

There's one less song Romney can use at campaign stops

08/16/12 02:30PM

In another instance of political campaigns and musicians not making the best of bedfellows: The Los Angeles alternative rock band Silversun Pickups has issued Mitt Romney's campaign a cease-and-desist order.Turns out the Romney campaign was using the band's 2009 hit (above) "Panic Switch" from their second album "Swoon... read more

Must-Read Op-Eds for August 16, 2012

08/16/12 12:14PM

ROMNEY'S RESPONSE TO THE VPJOE SCARBOROUGHPOLITICOThere’s not a lot of time left for the Republican nominee to figure out how to talk straight to those voters who are hungry for leadership. If Governor Romney had the guts to answer Biden’s attacks honestly, he might say this: …”What’s so ‘gutsy’ about kicking the can down the road for... read more


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