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How debates can define presidential elections

The power of debates in presidential elections

09/22/16 08:31AM

Tom Brokaw discusses how a single moment at a presidential debate can be a defining moment for a presidential campaign. The Morning Joe panel talks about Ronald Reagan’s “There you go again” line and other memorable moments in past debates. watch

State polls show Trump comeback brewing

State polls show Trump comeback brewing

09/22/16 07:56AM

The Morning Joe panel reviews the latest round of polling numbers from battleground states. Mark Halperin talks about the possibility of an “October surprise,” Chuck Todd compares Trump’s lack of support among college-educated white males, and Eddie Glaude, Jr. considers support among minority voters. watch

When race and policing problems intersect

Evaluating the intersection of race and policing problems

09/22/16 07:45AM

Reverend Al Sharpton joins Morning Joe to differentiate between racial problems and policing problems, saying the areas sometimes intersect and are not always clear-cut. He also emphasizes the importance of putting pressure on Speaker Ryan to enact legislation that can address the recent police shootings. watch

Kristol: Many undecided voters still in play

Kristol: Many undecided voters still in play

09/22/16 07:32AM

The Weekly Standard’s Bill Kristol explains that, with a large chunk of undecided voters still remaining, “it’s not safe” for Clinton or Trump to be sure of an early victory. Steve Kornacki delves into more of the state polling numbers, especially those out of Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. watch

Kirby: Grounding aircraft critical for Syria

Kirby: Syrian war won’t end until aircraft is grounded

09/22/16 06:45AM

State Department spokesperson John Kirby joins Morning Joe to discuss how a cessation of hostilities can take place in Syria, emphasizing that the only solutions are political, not military-related. He also comments on Russia’s potential to influence Bashar al-Assad. watch

NBC/WSJ poll: Trump deemed more trustworthy

NBC/WSJ poll shows Trump deemed more trustworthy

09/22/16 06:11AM

The Morning Joe panel discusses the latest numbers from the new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, including voters’ biggest concerns for each candidate. Steve Rattner debates whether the "birther" reversal made a difference, and Mark Halperin states that Trump still needs a "national surge" in his ballot numbers. watch

Clinton camp dodges questions on Syria policy

Clinton campaign dodges questions on Syria policy

09/21/16 08:29AM

Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook comments on Clinton’s changing relationship with the press and George H.W. Bush’s alleged endorsement. He later defers to the nominee herself on questions regarding the handling of the Syrian conflict and Assad’s crossing of the red line. watch

Kodmani: U.S. needs to lead movement in Syria

Kodmani: U.S. needs to lead 'enough is enough' movement in Syria

09/21/16 07:39AM

Bassma Kodmani, a member of the Syrian opposition’s High Negotiations Committee and executive director of the Arab Reform Initiative, explains how “credible guarantees” and outside leadership is needed to address Syria’s humanitarian crisis. She also comments on whether Russia was behind the airstrike on an aid convoy this week. watch

Trump’s biggest challenge in the next debates

Trump’s biggest challenge in the upcoming debates

09/21/16 07:11AM

The Morning Joe panel discusses who will take the lead in preparing Donald Trump for the upcoming presidential debates. Robert Costa says he believes that Trump will have a “reactive presence,” regardless of prep work. Chuck Todd weighs in on the circumstances that led to Clinton’s and Trump’s best performances in past debates. watch

Tulsa police shooting video raises concerns

Video of fatal Tulsa shooting raises policing concerns

09/21/16 06:02AM

Differing interpretations are being offered on the dramatic video that shows the fatal police shooting of unarmed 40-year-old Terence Crutcher in Tulsa. The Morning Joe panel discusses what the video appears to show, compared to the officer’s side of the story. watch


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