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Clinton defends record of giving interviews

Clinton defends record of giving interviews

06/01/16 07:11AM

While Hillary Clinton has criticized Donald Trump’s tone with the press, she is also looking to get credit for the number of interviews she’s done. The panel discusses Clinton’s standard of media availability and how it compares to Trump’s strategy. watch

Lessons from the ground in Ramadi

Lessons from the ground in Ramadi

06/01/16 06:52AM

Fallujah is the last remaining stronghold in western Iraq still under ISIS control, after the group lost the city of Ramadi in December. Retired Army Colonel Anthony Deane, who was on the ground during the battle for Ramadi in 2006, joins Morning Joe to share insights outlined in his latest book, "Ramadi Declassified: A Roadmap to Peace in... watch

New poll: Clinton holds small lead over Trump

New poll: Clinton holds small lead over Trump

06/01/16 06:40AM

A new Quinnipiac University poll shows Hillary Clinton leading Donald Trump by just four points, while Bernie Sanders leads with nine. Mark Halperin breaks down the numbers and weighs in on how they could be affected by a potential Bernie Sanders drop-out. watch

Newser showed Trump at ‘thin-skinned worst’

Joe: Press conference showed Trump at his ‘thin-skinned worst’

06/01/16 06:18AM

Yesterday’s news conference was designed to calm reporters seeking to set the record straight on Donald Trump’s fundraising for veterans groups, but did it instead end up showing the candidate’s vulnerable side? Joe Scarborough and Sam Stein argue that Trump’s combative and chaotic demeanor during the event did not help his campaign. watch

Trump defends doling out funds for vets

Trump defends doling out funds for vets

06/01/16 06:12AM

Donald Trump used a press conference yesterday to defend the months it has taken to release the nearly $6 million he raised for veterans groups. The Morning Joe panel weighs in on the candidate’s charitable efforts but also his lack of transparency throughout the process. watch

Mitch McConnell

"The Long Game: A Memoir" Excerpt by Mitch McConnell

05/31/16 08:42AM

A big part of the problem  with the Senate today is the way many politicians on both sides of the aisle style themselves as saviors. It’s not only self-serving nonsense in most cases, it’s exploitative of the voters. And it reflects a fundamentally un-American view of how our political institutions were meant to function. The proper basis of... read more


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