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Joe calls Trump's proposed Muslim ban 'un...

Joe calls Trump's proposed Muslim ban 'un-American'

06/09/16 06:10AM

While talking about Donald Trump's proposed Muslim ban, Joe Scarborough calls it un-American. Mika Brzezinski then comments on Trump’s recent controversial remarks on the judge and says GOP leaders are "weak and spineless" for not getting the presumptive nominee to tone down his rhetoric. watch

The state of small business in America

The state of small business in America

06/08/16 08:51AM

Goldman Sachs and the National Urban League have teamed up for the 10,000 Small Businesses program, an initiative designed to help small businesses address important issues like access to capital, regulation, and the hiring of skilled workers. National Urban League President Marc Morial, Babson College President Dr. Kerry Healey, and small... watch

Explaining evangelicals' acceptance of Trump

Ralph Reed on Trump: Evangelicals 'embrace' converts

06/08/16 08:40AM

Ralph Reed, founder of the Faith and Freedom Coalition, explains how Donald Trump was able to win over the evangelical vote, highlighting his signing off on key moral issues. He also points out the myth that evangelicals vote on identity politics and describes the group’s strong support of converts. watch

What's next for Bernie Sanders?

What's next for Bernie Sanders?

06/08/16 08:31AM

NBC Senior White House Correspondent Chris Jansing weighs in on whether Bernie Sanders will continue his campaign through the convention, and if not, how he will make use of the energized sentiment he has sparked across the country. watch

Friedman calls for a 'Grand New Party'

Friedman calls for a 'Grand New Party'

06/08/16 07:46AM

New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman previews his latest column, "Dump the GOP for a Grand New Party," in which he explains the need for a healthier two-party political system. Friedman also weighs in on why John McCain is silent on Donald Trump. watch

Sen. Sullivan on Donald Trump’s two paths

Sen. Sullivan on Donald Trump’s two paths

06/08/16 07:27AM

Sen. Dan Sullivan (R-AK) responds to Donald Trump’s most recent statements, arguing that he should focus on policy issues rather than the latest self-inflicting wounds. He also responds to whether he considers Trump’s judge comments racist. watch

Graham faced with 'stain vs. tattoo'

Citing discomfort, Graham not voting for Trump

06/08/16 07:24AM

Chuck Todd refers back to the “stain versus tattoo” dilemma when responding to Lindsey Graham’s claim that he will not vote for either Clinton or Trump. He also argues that the Supreme Court nomination is a key reason why many Republicans are still holding on to Trump. watch

McConnell: Time for Trump to ‘get on script’

McConnell: Time for Trump to ‘get on script’

06/08/16 07:10AM

Joe Scarborough and Willie Geist discuss Mitch McConnell’s suggestion that Donald Trump “get on script.” Geist elaborates that the bedrock of his campaign is based on an off-script, apolitical strategy, and that Trump is unlikely to stray from that model. watch

Trump to refocus on attacking Clintons

Trump to refocus campaign on attacking Clintons

06/08/16 06:38AM

In a speech Tuesday night, Donald Trump renewed his attacks on Bill and Hillary Clinton, slamming them for their “politics of personal enrichment.” Similarly, a super PAC supporting Trump is spending more than $1 million on a new ad that ties Hillary Clinton’s evasions about her email server to Bill Clinton’s 1998 denial of the Monica Lewinsky... watch

Joe to GOP: ‘Stop running scared’

Joe to GOP: ‘Stop running scared’

06/08/16 06:22AM

Joe Scarborough explains that Republicans aren’t simply faced with a binary choice of supporting or opposing Donald Trump--there is a third choice of calling him out and standing up to his controversial statements. He also demands that Trump not use Hillary Clinton as an excuse for Republicans to follow his agenda. watch

Ryan backs Trump despite 'racist' remarks

Ryan still backs Trump despite 'racist' remarks

06/08/16 06:11AM

House Speaker Paul Ryan is one of many Republicans trying to walk the tight-rope of supporting Donald Trump’s candidacy while denouncing his statements. Joe Scarborough explains his surprise that Ryan would still support a candidate that is guilty of “textbook racism.” watch


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