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E.g., 9/23/2014
E.g., 9/23/2014
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Tweets o' the day

05/11/11 02:39PM

We're always scouring our Twitter account for choice viewer tweets. As always, keep 'em coming. Here are two from today.  read more

Bernard Madoff in two prison visits

05/11/11 02:21PM

New York Times reporter Diana Henriques is just one of two reporters who have been allowed to interview Bernie Madoff at North Carolina's Butner Federal Correctional Complex where he's serving a 150 year sentence. read more

Must Read Op-Eds for May 11, 2011

05/11/11 12:51PM

Here are today's opinion and editorial columns.PRESIDENT OBAMA AT THE BORDER  EDITORIALNEW YORK TIMESMr. Obama and the homeland security secretary, Janet Napolitano, should heed the growing calls by lawmakers ... to abandon Secure Communities to preserve public safety. As for the broader issue of immigration reform, Mr. Obama’s aides insisted on Tuesday that he did, indeed, have a plan that interested Americans could read on the White House Web site. If Mr. read more

Morning headlines: Wednesday, May 11

05/11/11 05:57AM

Here's a look at stories we're following right now. What are you reading this morning?As the relationship between the U.S. and Pakistan gets a bit thornier in the wake of bin Laden's death, Sen. John Kerry will pay Pakistan a visit next week.Senior U.S. officials say the president is preparing to reach out to the Muslim world.Yesterday, the president traveled to El Paso to deliver a speech about immigration reform.Gadhafi has not been seen since the April 30 NATO bombing of his son's home.The bulging Mississippi is expected to rise an additional four feet by Thursday in Vicksburg. read more