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Morning headlines: Tuesday, June 21

06/21/11 05:58AM

Here's a look at stories we're following right now. What are you reading this morning?The president finalizes plan for troop drawdown in AfghanistanThe Times says the Wal-Mart case is a 'blow for big cases and their lawyers'Today is Anthony Weiner's last day in CongressHunstman makes his announcement todayMembers of the Texas press Perry to runThe summer solstice is todayArizona wildfires leave thousands homelessThe gay marriage debate among N.Y. lawmakers continues read more

What a widening pay gap says about the United States

06/20/11 12:53PM

The Washington Post reports that U.S. executives are making more than ever, further increasing the pay gap between the country's top and bottom earners. According to the story, executive pay at top companies has quadrupled since 1970.Mark Halperin: The bigger problem is the stagnation of wages at the lower level. Upper income is a problem, but not one that will be controlled. read more

In this photo taken on a government-organized tour, members of the media and others examine the remains of a damaged residential building in Tripoli, Libya Sunday, June 19, 2011. The Libyan government accused NATO of bombing a residential neighborhood...

Top Talker: NATO admits air strike hit civilians in Libya

06/20/11 09:54AM

For the first time in Libya's three month old conflict, NATO is confirming that an errant air strike accidentally hit and may have killed civilians.  NATO admits that a "weapon system failure" caused a missile to go astray, destroying a civilian home in Tripoli.  In a statement, the operation's commander said, "NATO regrets the loss of innocent civilian lives and takes great care in conducting strikes against a regime determined to use violence against its own citizens."Following the attack, the Libyan foreign minister called for Muslims to initiate a "global jihad against the oppressive crimi read more

Must Read Op-Eds for June 20, 2011

06/20/11 09:35AM

Here are today's must read opinion and editorial columns.RAND AND RUBIO  BY ROSS DOUTHATNEW YORK TIMESPaul has been at pains to express support for operations like the one that killed Osama bin Laden. But the right’s two rising stars would ultimately take the Republican Party in very different directions. ... The country is weary of war, but the story Rubio tells, with eloquence and passion, is still tremendously appealing — the story of a great republic armed and righteous, with no limits on what it can accomplish in the world. ... read more

Morning headlines: Monday, June 20

06/20/11 06:00AM

Here's a look at stories we're following right now. What are you reading this morning?NYT: Few Taliban take up Afghanistan's offer to switch sidesRory McIllroy wins U.S. OpenNATO admits airstrike on Tripoli hits civilian targetR.I.P. Clarence Clemons -- you will be missedA decision on same-sex marriage in N.Y. gets closerWinds spreading Southwest firesMayor Michael Bloomberg's mother died. She was 102.This one pulls at the heart strings. A slain British Royal Marine killed in Afghanistan sends 32 of his friends to Vegas. read more