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10 charities that are in need of your help

10 charities that are in need of your help

11/24/11 07:00PM

Parade’s Maggie Murphy joins Morning Joe to share which charities across the U.S. are in need of your help, such as a food-challenged food bank in Oregon. Mika also shares why a horse often showed up to her dinner table on Thanksgiving. watch

Didion focuses on loss of daughter in new...

Didion focuses on loss of daughter in new memoir

11/24/11 07:00PM

Author Joan Didion joins Morning Joe to talk about her latest memoir “Blue Nights,” which focuses in part on the loss of her adopted daughter, Quintana Roo, who died in 2005. Mike Barnicle and the New Yorker’s Ken Auletta also join the discussion. watch

Must Read Op-Eds for Wednesday, November 23, 2011

11/23/11 09:24AM

GO BIG, MR. OBAMA  BY THOMAS FRIEDMANNEW YORK TIMESMy gut says that if the president lays out such a plan — one that begins with him taking all the political risks on himself and then demanding the G.O.P. and his own party follow — he will be both defining himself and the future in a way that would earn him so much centrist support and respect... read more

Morning Headlines: Wednesday, Nov. 23rd

11/23/11 05:45AM

Here's a look at the stories we're following right now. What are you reading this morning?GOP candidates show differences on national security and terrorismBachmann says knowing ‘when to say no’ as mom applies to presidencyReally, Rick Santorum?Nearly half of Americans lack economic security, survey saysIn case you missed thisIn the... read more

Scarborough: Did Obama make US better or...

Scarborough: Did Obama make US better or worse?

11/22/11 07:00PM

Must Read Op-Eds: Mika Brzezinski reads from a Thomas Friedman NYT column which asks:  "Can [President Obama] put the country on a sustainable economic recovery path at a time when, if we fail, it could be the end of the American dream?" watch

If Huntsman catches on in N.H., can he...

If Huntsman catches on in N.H., can he ride into S.C.?

11/22/11 07:00PM

Top Talkers: The Morning Joe panel continues its discussion of Tuesday night's GOP presidential debate where eight of the candidates faced off on everything from immigration to foreign policy. And Major Garrett believes Jon Huntsman won't perform well... watch

Iraqi car bomb survivor recounts recovery...

Iraqi car bomb survivor recounts recovery in new book

11/22/11 07:00PM

In 2006, while on assignment in Baghdad as a CBS News correspondent, Kim Dozier was near a car bomb when it detonated. Two of her colleagues, a soldier, and an Iraqi translator died in the explosion, while Dozier was critically injured. She joins... watch

Can the GOP top Obama on foreign policy?

Can the GOP top Obama on foreign policy?

11/22/11 07:00PM

Michele Bachmann shows some foreign policy prowess at Tuesday's GOP debate, but the Washington Post's David Ignatius believes President Obama will dominate when it comes to foreign policy. U.S. Army veteran Wes Moore and financier Steven Rattner also... watch


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